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Why Carnauba?

Why Carnauba?
Pinnaclewax.com is the home of the best car wax, Pinnacle Souverän™ Carnauba Wax. Widely regarded as the finest show car wax, Souverän™ and its counterpart Signature Series II both contain No. 1 grade carnauba wax imported from Brazil. Why did we choose carnauba wax to make our premium car waxes? Because only the best carnauba wax makes the best car wax!

Carnauba wax has several characteristics that make it a superior form of protection for your vehicle’s paint finish. Beyond visual appeal, which carnauba definitely has, carnauba wax is also good for the paint. We’ve compiled a list of the reasons why carnauba is the only choice for Pinnacle’s premium car waxes.

Carnauba wax is the hardest of all natural waxes. It’s so hard, in fact, you couldn’t apply it in its natural form. Harvesting the wax involves removing the leaves of the palm tree, allowing them to dry, and beating them to loosen the wax, which flakes off. Carnauba wax is then refined and packed into bricks. The wax must be blended with some type of lubricant to soften it and make it workable. Even though the wax does go through some processing, it retains its hardness once applied to the vehicle and cured. Carnauba wax makes a formidable barrier against the elements.

Carnauba wax has the highest melting point of all natural waxes. This is important because melted wax does not offer the same protective properties of hardened, cured wax. Carnauba is able to survive hotter temperatures and therefore offer better protection for your vehicle. Combining the carnauba with polymers can extend its life.

Carnauba wax breathes. It expands and contracts with changing temperatures. Believe it or not, your vehicle’s paint expands and contracts, too. Carnauba’s “respiration” allows it to achieve a fluid, organic quality that synthetic waxes just can’t match.

Carnauba wax offers excellent paint protection. Carnauba wax sheds water, pollutants, refracts UV light, and provides excellent, all around protection for any surface to which it is applied. Carnauba wax is secreted by the leaves of a palm tree to protect it from the harsh Brazilian climate. The reflective quality of the carnauba protects the leaves from the sun while the water-repellency redirects rainwater to the ground where it can be absorbed by the tree’s roots. The coating also retains the leaves’ moisture so they don’t dry out under the hot sun. When carnauba wax is applied to your vehicle, it offers these same qualities for your paint.

Carnauba wax is safe. Carnauba wax is used by the pharmaceutical industry to coat pills. The coating allows the pills to go down more easily, but it also keeps the pills from dissolving prematurely. It’s also used to coat certain candies, like jelly beans, to make them shiny. We use carnauba as the basis for Pinnacle waxes because it has proven safe for many applications, and it is certainly safe on your vehicle's paint finish. (Note: car wax is not safe for human consumption.)

Carnauba wax produces a warm, wet-looking shine that is unparalleled by any other form of paint protection. Perhaps it’s a testament to the hot, wet climate from which it came, but carnauba looks as if it might drip off the paint. It has a depth and richness that has been winning over car lovers since the 1960s. Carnauba wax is, hands down, the best car wax for show car preparation.

Pinnacle’s proprietary formulations take full advantage of all carnauba's incredible qualities. You’ll find that each jar of Pinnacle Souveran™ and Signature Series II is bursting with genuine carnauba and paint-wetting natural oils that further enhance the shimmer. Remember, the best car wax starts with the best carnauba wax!
Pinnacle's carnauba waxes create shimmering reflections on all colors, but Souveran Wax is the best car wax for a black car.

2003 50th Anniversary Corvette Z06 by D.K. of San Diego, CA.

Souverän™ is a trademark of Palm Beach Motoring Accessories.
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