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Wheels & Tires How To

Wheels & Tires How To

Detailing Wheels & Tires

Clean wheels and dark tires start with a water-based wheel cleaner and a long-lasting tire protectant. You can find them both at Pinnacle.

Wheels and tires are subject to grueling conditions as heat, grease and grime, and friction all take their toll. We place heavy demands on our wheels and tires but they can still look good if you use Pinnacle's wheel and tire care products, including Pinnacle Advanced Wheel Cleaner Concentrate and Pinnacle Black Onyx Tire Dressing.

The first priority with wheel care is removing brake dust. Brake dust is a corrosive mixture of carbon fibers and adhesive from the brake pad plus metal shavings from the rotor. This sticky mixture clings to the wheel and bakes there as the braking system produces heat and friction. If brake dust is left on the wheels too long, it can eat through wheel coatings and even pit metal. Regular wheel cleaning with Pinnacle Advanced Wheel Cleaner Concentrate is your best defense.

The number one offender of tires is the sun, but a close second is sub-par tire dressings. Tire dressings that are loaded with silicone actually turn tires brown over time and dry out the rubber. To safeguard your tires against premature aging and discoloration, use Pinnacle Black Onyx Tire Dressing.

Start at the bottom
Pinnacle Wax

Pinnacle Advanced Wheel Cleaner Concentrate

Always clean the wheels and tires before washing your vehicle. This will prevent overspray or grime from splashing onto already-clean panels. If you like to clean your wheels and tires with soap and water, use a separate wash and rinse bucket from the one you intend to use on the paint. Wheels and tires are the dirtiest part of your vehicle and nothing that touches them should touch the paint.

Step 1:

Choose a water-based wheel cleaner that is appropriate for all types of wheels. Roughcast aluminum and chrome can withstand stronger cleaners than coated, painted, or anodized wheels. Use Pinnacle Advanced Wheel Cleaner Concentrate to eliminate the guesswork.

Pinnacle Advanced Wheel Cleaner Concentrate is water-based and non-caustic. It changes colors as it cleans your wheels! Pinnacle Advanced Wheel Cleaner Concentrate even removes brake embedded dust that has crept into tiny holes in the metal. A little agitation with a brush will allow Pinnacle to work even better.

Pinnacle Advanced Wheel Cleaner ConcentrateWhen selecting a wheel brush, look for a brush with feathered bristles to prevent scratching. The Montana Original Boar's Hair Wheel Brush is a very soft brush. For spoked wheels, use the Daytona Speed Master Wheel Brush for unbeatable access to the wheels' slots. It also has soft bristles and a flexible stem to reach behind spokes.

Tires require a stiffer brush to really penetrate rubber's pores. The Low Profile Tire Brush has stiffer bristles with a curved head to match the curvature of the tire. Use it to scrub off old layers of dressings and road grime. When you apply Pinnacle Black Onyx Tire Dressing, it will bond better with clean rubber.

Step 3:

Always dry your wheels! Use a microfiber towel, but not one that you plan to use on any other part of your vehicle. Once a towel is used on the tires or wheels, it should always be designated for tires and wheels. Drying prevents water spots and helps you remove every last bit of the brake dust.

Wax your wheels!
Pinnacle Wax

Black Label Diamond Wheel Coating is incredibly easy to applyWheels can be waxed just like the paint. Waxing the wheels will reduce brake dust accumulation and allow moisture to roll off. Once your wheels are clean and dry, apply Pinnacle Liquid Souverän Wax. It lasts for months and it creates a very slick finish. Apply the wax with an applicator pad and then buff the wheel. Your wheels will look cleaner longer.

Another option is to coat your wheels. Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Wheel Coating blankets your wheels in a rock-hard barrier of protection that is impenetrable by ferrous brake-dust particles, road salt, tar or oil. Designed with brake-dust laden sports cars in mind, Diamond Wheel Coating and the layer of protection it creates makes laborious wheel cleaning a thing of the past. The super slick surface virtually eliminates brake-dust build up. Spray and wipe application lasts up to 18 months!

Wheels that are coated with Black Label Diamond Wheel Coating will be easier to clean and maintain. Regular wheel cleaning will only require soap and water, even on brake-dust laden German sports sedans. Diamond Wheel Coating creates such a slick barrier of protection that most dirt and grime will be removed when driving through the rain. A strong jet of water from the hose will also knock off most of the built up brake dust, minimizing the amount of scrubbing required.


  1. Ensure surface is cool to the touch and out of direct sunlight.
  2. Thoroughly clean each wheel first using Pinnacle Advanced Wheel Cleaner Concentrate.
  3. Polish wheels with Black Label Surface Cleansing Polish.
  4. Spray Diamond Wheel Coating directly onto a Gold Wax Finger Pocket and evenly distribute over the wheel.
  5. Work the coating into the surface until it disappears.
  6. Lightly buff with a clean, soft, lint-free microfiber towel.

Dress for Success
Pinnacle Wax

Pinnacle Black Onyx Tire DressingOnce your wheels are clean, shiny and sealed, you must protect the tires. Choose a tire dressing without silicone, like Pinnacle Black Onyx Tire Dressing. As we discussed earlier, silicone dries out rubber by depleting its own protectants prematurely. Over time, tires will turn brown. To avoid this fate, use only water-based Pinnacle Black Onyx Tire Dressing.

Pinnacle Black Onyx Tire Dressing has a satin shine that looks more like new, healthy rubber. It's understated and elegant. Most importantly, it doesn't attract dust like silicone dressings and it doesn't dry out the rubber. Your tires will look fresh, supple, and hydrated. UV protectants prevent fading. Always apply thin coats of Pinnacle Black Onyx Tire Dressing to prevent sling. Multiple thin coats will bond better to the tire and last longer.

A complete wheel and tire care kit is available in the Pinnacle Concours Wheel & Tire Kit! Check our Tire & Wheel Care Page for more excellent tire and wheel brushes and tools.

Pinnacle Advanced Wheel Cleaner Concentrate
Pinnacle Advanced Wheel Cleaner Concentrate
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