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The Edge 2000 Buffing Pads

The Edge 2000 Buffing Pads
Change pads in a flash with this revolutionary breakthrough in buffing pads and accessories! Autogeek is proud to introduce The Edge 2000™ Premium Buffing System Foam Pads.

No More Backing Plates DA Porter Cable 7424 Edge 2000 Adapter

There is no need for backing plates anymore, thanks to a radical, technological breakthrough in buffing pad design, fittingly called The Edge™. Changing buffing pads takes seconds, through a unique, non-Velcro system. These reticulated polyester urethane foam pads are double-sided, and feature a quick connect/disconnect method of interchanging. This system adds a level of comfort to the buffing process, as each pads fits like a glove on the machine polisher, and changing a pad is much easier through use of the Quick Change Adapter. Here are features of each of The Edge™ products that Autogeek proudly offers:

The Edge™ Premium Buffing System Foam Pads

Unique Snap-Lock Connection. This feature is the heart and soul of this system. Switch out buffing pads in seconds! Simply press the release button on The Edge™ Adapter to pop off the pad. Replace the pad with another by simply snapping the new one in place. That’s all there is to it!

Edge 2000 Last Longer Cost LessPatented Beveled Profile. The design of The Edge™ Foam Pad is beveled, allowing for more contoured buffing, especially in areas that formally were only accessible through hand buffing. Now it is possible to machine buff under mirrors and in tight grooves with ease, adding to the advanced scope of these detailing supplies.

Double Sided. The thick and durable Edge Foam Pads are double sided, therefore they will last at least twice as long as single sided pads. Economically speaking, they will save money by preventing frequent purchasing of single sided pads.

Edge 2000 Rotary Adapter Adapts to any Machine Buffer. Not only is it now possible to change from a polishing to a cutting pad in seconds, it is now feasible to change pads on any machine buffer, from Porter Cable to Makita. Choose pads that fit your buffer, than use The Edge Quick Change Adapter (sold separately) to snap pads on and off.

Variety of Textures. Whether the job calls for a light polishing pad to a heavy duty cutting pad, we are offering a variety of pads to match the procedure. Choose from Ultrafine Polish Pads (80 pores per inch) to Heavy Cut Pads (40 pores per inch) and everything in between. Remember that multiple pads can be purchased, and switched out simply by popping one pad out and replacing it with another.

The Edge 2000™ Premium Buffing System Foam Pads come in two sizes, 6”and 8”.

DA Porter Cable 7424 Edge 2000 Adapter
The Edge™ Quick Change Adapter

The Edge™ Quick Change Adapter is constructed from chrome plated, solid machined brass, ensuring years of durability and precision pad changing. Simply screw the adapter onto the high-speed buffer. Release the button on the adapter to switch out pads, or to simply turn over the double-sided pad for continued use.

Changeability. The Edge™ Quick Change Adapter also comes in two sizes: 5/8” thread which fits the Makita and DeWalt, and the Edge DA Adapter which will fit the Porter Cable 7424.

The Edge™ Conditioning Brush

Cleans and Preserves.
This brush was designed specifically for use with The Edge Foam Pads. The ergonomic design and tough construction of the brush design will ensure a thorough cleaning and preservation of The Edge Foam Pads.

*Remember, no backing plates are necessary. The Edge 2000 Premium Buffing System Foam Pads and Adapters reflect where the future of detailing is heading in the 21st century. Simplify the buffing process while also saving money and time by using this breakthrough system.

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