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Duo-Spur Wool & Foam Pad Cleaning Tool

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Clean and reshape old foam and wool pads with this handy gadget.

How many foam and wool pads do you go through during one detailing session? If you find you have to stop buffing frequently to change the pad because it has become caked with wax or polish, this tool may be just what you need. Use the Duo-Spur, a unique hand-held device to push excess product out of the pad and reshape warped pads so you can continue to use them.

The Duo-Spur has three side-by-side wheels with raised teeth. As the pad spins on the buffer, roll the Duo-Spur over the pad. It will soften and reshape the pad while pushing excess product out. The agitation of the Duo-Spur and the buffer make cleaning fast and effortless. If your pad becomes caked while you are polishing, use the Duo-Spur to quickly remove some of the excess product and then continue polishing.

The Duo-Spur also has abrasive plates on both sides. Use these to level and reshape pads that have become unbalanced. Just hold the plate, which looks like a cheese grater, against the pad where it needs to be leveled as it spins. The Duo-Spur will restore an even surface to the pad so it can be used again and again.

Hold the buffer securely on a stable surface as you use the Duo-Spur. Keep you hand on the Duo-Spur’s handle to avoid injury.

There’s no need to stop buffing halfway through your detailing job to put on a fresh pad. Just use the Duo-Spur to massage excess wax and polish out of the pad and exfoliate rough spots so you can get back to buffing. This patented tool is perfect for “on the fly” cleaning of your buffing and polishing pads.


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