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Double Barrel Extension Sprayer

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Independently rotatable nozzles spray product exactly where you need it.

Extend your Chemical Resistant Pressure Sprayer's reach with the Double Barrel Extension Sprayer. This extension wand has two nozzles that can be positioned to deliver product to two areas, or point them both at the same spot. You decide. The Double Barrel Extension Sprayer is chemical resistant and compatible with all your all purpose cleaners, degreasers, and detailing chemicals.

Tackle the problem from two sides! The Double Barrel Extension Sprayer has two barrels capable of spraying a single spot from two sides, or point them at two different areas for multi-surface coverage. Each nozzle rotates independently. The double barrel design makes it easy to cover more area than you can with a single nozzle sprayer. For example, quickly coat the undercarriage with degreaser. By aiming the farthermost nozzle away from you, the spray will reach farther under the vehicle than you could otherwise.

The same goes for wheel wells and the engine compartment. The Double Barrel Extension Sprayer extends your reach by 12 inches, plus the distance the sprayer can fire the product! Backed by the pressure of the Chemical Resistant Pressure Sprayer, the Double Barrel Extension Sprayer delivers a strong stream of fluid to the desired surface.

When using some chemicals, you don't want to stand up close to the surface being sprayed. The Double Barrel Extension Sprayer allows you to keep your distance.

The Double Barrel Extension Sprayer can be used with wheel cleaners, all purpose cleaners, degreasers, glass cleaners, and any other detailing chemical. The sprayer is made with Viton O-rings, which are built for long-term, trouble-free operation with a broad range of chemicals.

The Double Barrel Extension Sprayer is made to be used with the Chemical Resistant Pressure Sprayer. (Check out the combo below.) The pressure produced by the sprayer delivers a powerful stream of cleaner down the wand through the twin barrels. The barrels can work together or separately, and they're completely adjustable.

Reach farther (in any direction) with the adjustable Double Barrel Extension Sprayer.

12 inches

Chemical Resistant Pressure Sprayer sold separately.


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