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Rupes BigFoot LHR21 MarkII Random Orbital Polisher

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The new generation of Rupes BigFoot Polishers!

The original Rupes LHR 21 & 15 made such a splash in the detailing industry that is seemed impossible for them to be improved upon, but Rupes has done just that! The engineers at Rupes took the original design for the LHR 21 & 15 and sought out ways that these already incredibly impressive machines could be improved even further. What they came up with was the Rupes LHR 21 & 15 MARK II! The body, the chassis, and the motor of the original LHR series have been improved upon dramatically! These improvements have made the new series of LHR polishers 30% more efficient than the originals! The increased performance of these polishers is guaranteed to make your paint correcting experience smoother and more enjoyable over-all!

One of the greatest new improvements made with the Rupes Mark LHR21 Mark II is a stronger, reinforced housing. Dropping your tools is an inevitability. With this new and improved housing for the Rupes Mark LHR21 Mark II, you don’t have to worry about damaging the crucial machinery of your polisher. The new improvements to the body of the Rupes Mark LHR21 Mark II has not affected the smoothness with which it operates. The Rupes Mark LHR21 Mark II still has the same balanced feel and the same 21 millimeter throw as the original LHR15.

The Rupes Mark LHR21 Mark II was also fitted with rubber inserts inside the tool that ensure proper balance and stability while that machine is in use. Leading to a much more comfortable and enjoyable buffing experience. A rubber tool rest was added to the top of the Rupes Mark LHR21 Mark II. This allows you to place your Rupes Mark LHR21 Mark II pad-up on top of your car’s paint without having to worry about ruining your paint’s finish or possible cross contamination.

Most importantly, the new Rupes Mark LHR21 Mark II features an even more powerful motor compared to the original LHR15. The original LHR15 had a starting RPM of 2000, whereas the Rupes Mark LHR21 Mark II has a starting RPM of 2500. A higher starting RPM gives the Rupes Mark LHR21 Mark II more power and torque, allowing the pad even more correcting power than before. Even though the Rupes Mark LHR21 Mark II is more powerful than the original LHR15, it still has the same 500 watt power draw, so you don’t have to worry about your electric bill getting higher with the Rupes Mark LHR21 Mark II.

Every detailer loves new tools and the Rupes Mark LHR21 Mark II is the perfect tool to add to your collection.

Technical Specs: • RPM Speed: 2500 to 4700 • Power: 500 Watts • Weight of Tool: 5.73 lbs. • Orbit Stroke Length: 21 mm • Length of machine: 14.5 inches

The Rupes BigFoot LHR15 MarkII includes a 6 inch backing plate.

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