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Save 25% when you buy it by the pound!

Buy Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay by the pound!

Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay is our ultra fine grade of detailing clay, designed for frequent, gentle cleaning of your vehicle. This clay is so fine, it can be used as often as monthly, yet it is just as effective on tough contamination. Buy Ultra Poly Clay by the pound for a special low price!

It�s taken years of research and development to reach the Pinnacle of clay technology. Finally, clay research has culminated in Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay, an ultra fine grade of elastic detailing clay.

Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay is designed for frequent use. Whereas our original clay is recommended to use once or twice a year, this ultra fine grade of elastic detailing clay can be used as often as necessary to maintain a slick, reflective finish. Use it once a month or as needed for spot cleaning � Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay is gentle yet effective on all types of finishes!

Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay is softer with a finer composition to clean the paint often without dulling the paint's gloss. It preserves the work you put into your paint finish while removing the contaminants accumulated through daily driving.

Since you can use Ultra Poly Clay more often, you can incorporate it into your monthly detailing regimen or use it as needed for spot-cleaning. Either way, you�ll benefit by stocking up on clay now!

Get 1 full pound of Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay for 25% off the regular retail price! That�s a $20 difference, just for purchasing 4 bars of Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay at one time!

There�s no question you will be satisfied with your purchase. Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay is the ultimate cleaning tool for enthusiasts and perfectionists to create that slick, clean gloss as often as you want.

Save $20 off the price of 1 pound of Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay!


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