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Pinnacle Twins & Porter Cable 7424XP With FREE BONUS

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Pinnacle Twins & Porter Cable 7424XP
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Pinnacle and the Porter Cable make a perfect polishing pair.

If you haven't met the Twins, you don't know what you're missing! Pinnacle Advanced Swirl Remover (ASR) and Advanced Finishing Polish (AFP) are two paint-perfecting polishes that correct problem paint and restore the gloss in two easy steps. With the help of the Porter Cable 7424XP polisher, this team is unstoppable! You'll save a bundle when you buy this special introductory kit.

We call it the Pinnacle Twins & Porter Cable Special Offer. It contains Pinnacle two wonder polishes plus two pads and, of course, the Porter Cable 7424XP. You get all this at an unbelievable savings! This kit includes Lake Country's CCS Dual Action 6.5 inch Smart Pads Foam Pads. These flat full contact buffing pads work with your dual action polisher to correct automotive paint more easily than ever before. The CCS Smart Pads' user-friendly features provide better control, less product waste, and a more successful detail.

The Pinnacle Twins & Porter Cable 7424XP Special Offer includes:

8 oz. Pinnacle Advanced Swirl Remover (ASR)
Pinnacle Advanced Swirl Remover brings "user-friendly" to a whole new level! Diminishing abrasives and water-based lubricants blend away imperfections gradually, leaving a smooth paint surface. This tempered approach to polishing eliminates imperfections while being extremely gentle on the paint. Pinnacle's diminishing abrasives are tempered to break down slowly and evenly under the motion of the oscillating pad. A dual action polisher provides just the right motion and friction to maximize the performance and working time of these abrasives. This approach softens the abrasives’ impact on the paint, which ultimately preserves more of the paint. If you have a newer vehicle or meticulously maintained paint, Pinnacle Advanced Swirl Remover is for you.

8 oz. Pinnacle Advanced Finishing Polish (AFP)
Pinnacle Advanced Finishing Polish gives your vehicle's paint maximum impact with a clear, reflective gloss and flawless appearance. This is more than a finishing polish; it's the final word on shiny, smooth paint. With micro fine diminishing abrasives, Pinnacle Advanced Finishing Polish burnishes paint to a crystal clear gloss that looks and feels mirror-smooth. This is our most user-friendly, clearest-finishing final polish ever!

Porter Cable 7424XP Variable Speed Polisher
The Porter Cable 7424XP Dual Action Polisher is a beefed up, more powerful version of our most popular dual action polisher. The Porter Cable 7424XP Dual Action Polisher has all the user-friendly features of the original Porter Cable 7424, but a 4.5 amp motor enables enhanced performance and durability. The Porter Cable 7424XP Dual Action Polisher operates from 2,500 OPM to 6,800 OPM to provide a faster removal rate. The 7424XP features all ball and roller bearing construction with spiral/bevel gears and an improved switch design. The buffer accepts a 5/16-24 spindle thread. The pad diameter is 6 inches. The polisher includes a wrench, side handle, polishing pad, and a operating manual.

Dual Action 5 Inch HD Hook & Loop Backing Plate
Constructed of flexible urethane, this 5 inch backing plate has hook and loop material permanently secured from edge to edge. A recessed edge protects the paint from impact and the post is made of durable stainless steel. The backing plate has a 5/16 inch thread.

1 CCS Orange 6.5 Inch Light Cutting Pad
This is our most popular pad! The orange pad is designed for light to moderate swirl removal. With firm, closed cell foam, this pad enhances the performance of swirl removers and compounds. Use it with Pinnacle ASR.

1 CCS Gray 6.5 Inch Finishing Pad
This gray pad is perfect for applying wax, fine polishes or sealants. The soft foam is gentle on clear coat finishes and can be used for buffing if desired. Use this pad with AFP. The gray pad will distribute the finishing polish without cutting the paint. Even if you're not a professional, expect professional results with this combination.

Both ASR and AFP were formulated to be used with the Porter Cable 7424 Variable Speed Polisher. This user-friendly machine allows anyone to remove swirls and scratches without causing any damage to the clear coat. As a dual action polisher, it has a specific dual motion that virtually eliminates the risk of burning the paint because it does not produce as much heat as a rotary polisher. Pinnacle's chemists took this into account when they developed diminishing abrasives that require less heat to break down but still provide enough work time to accomplish each polish's purpose. Ample lubrication allows you to polish longer with the Porter Cable to get the results you desire.

Repeated trials with the Porter Cable indicated that both polishes respond well to the dual rotation of this machine. Though ASR and AFP can be used with any polisher, rotary or dual action, the polishes perform at their peak when paired with the Porter Cable 7424. Give it a try and see for yourself! You'll love what Pinnacle and Porter Cable can do for dull, damaged paint. This kit is the perfect opportunity to get your hands on two premium Pinnacle products plus the machine that inspired them.

Special Offer includes:
8 oz. Pinnacle Advanced Swirl Remover (ASR)
8 oz. Pinnacle Advanced Finishing Polish (AFP)
Porter Cable 7424XP Variable Speed Polisher
Porter Cable 7424XP Wrench
Porter Cable 7424XP Counter Weight
Dual Action 5 Inch HD Hook & Loop Backing Plate
CCS 6.5 inch Orange Light Cutting Pad
CCS 6.5 inch Gray Finishing Pad

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