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Detailing Tools
Doing the job with the correct tool will guarantee more professional results!

Tools for the Trade

Back in the day, when I was a little less experienced (OK, a lot!), I focused solely on finding the ultimate product for the job—which wax lasted longest, shone the most, gave the most bang for the buck; Which leather conditioner yielded the most tactile, supple, inviting surface; Which tire dressing applied the neatest, and offered the greatest longevity and the deepest, richest gloss. I so entwined myself in these issues, that I failed to take into consideration one essential element: What tool is used to apply or remove the product is every bit as important to the final outcome as the product itself!

Not a new concept! Imagine something other than the world of car care (gasp!) if you would, such as, let’s say, carpentry. Compare your wax with know-how, your car with the finished product. You have the best carpentry training available (carnauba wax), a designer kitchen to trim out (the latest model Corvette)…what’s missing? The tools to do the job! It may be possible to cut molding with an old-fashioned hand saw, but you’d be much happier with the results if you have a workshop full of Mikita, DeWalt and Milwaukee power tools at your disposal. A carpenter is as good as the tools he uses.

Same goes for car care—the best wax, paint sealant, tire dressing or leather conditioner in the world can’t perform to its maximum capacity when applied with the wrong applicator. The staff at Palm Beach Motoring Accessories and myself have compiled what we feel to be all of the must-haves in microfiber, foam, brushes, drying towels, buffers and polishers, as well as the goodies—extra stuff to make the detailing your ride a whole lot of fun. The right tools will make your job easier, quicker, produce a better outcome and all-around a better experience. No matter what task you wish to perform, no matter how basic or obscure, we have the tried and true tool for you. And, we will only sell quality products that we would use ourselves. Many of these tools are versatile, and you’ll want a second or a third for detailing around the house, RV or boat. We’ve scoured the world for the best of the best in quality and value, and they’re only a click away.

Detailing Tips:
It's the same philosophy if you are a Doctor, carpenter, plumber, or mechanic - using the right "tools" allows any task to be completed more quickly, more easily, and with better results.

1. Work on one area at a time, covering 2 to 4 square feet. Buff off residues as you go.

2. Work on a dry finish. Polishes usually don't mix well with water. Water droplets left on the surface can cause streaking or make the polish difficult to remove.

3. If working by hand, apply polish with a microfiber or foam applicator pad. If the applicator becomes caked with polish, switch to a fresh applicator. (You may also be applying too much polish.)

4. Work in a shaded area - out of direct sunlight.

5. If polishing residues don't buff off easily, switch to a clean wipe towel.

6. Apply polishes in a back-and-forth, not circular, motion. Polishes should take out swirls, not create them. If you are creating swirls, you are using a polish that is too abrasive or you may have microscopic grit on your applicator or wipe towel.

All Pinnacle Detailing Tools are of the highest quality and will help you to achieve spectacular, professional results!

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