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Pinnacle Advanced Insect Remover

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Remove those pesky insect remains so lustrous paint is all that remains!

Pinnacle Advance Insect Remover is designed using a solvent-free formula that will eliminate insect remains, new and old, from your paint without damaging your sensitive clear-coat! Pinnacle Advance Insect Remover can be used with great effectiveness on any painted, glass, chrome, and plastic surface. Bugs are a bother, so tolerate them no longer!

We all know that insects are a crucial part of the ecosystem and we would be much worse off without them. However, ask any detailer their opinion about insects and they will vehemently call for their destruction. This is because not only do bugs have innate ability to seek out and propel themselves into your hood, but they will also leave behind an acidic residue that will eat away your clear coat. While it is impossible to prevent bugs from ending up on your hood, you can fight back by using an effective cleaner to rid your hood of the residue they leave behind.

Pinnacle Advanced Insect Remover is the ideal product to effectively remove the corrosive residue that bugs leave on your surface. In fact, the cleaner agents used to formulate Pinnacle Advanced Insect Remover are so effective at breaking down and loosening insect residue that you will hardly even have to scrub the surface at all Just spray the surface with Pinnacle Advanced Insect Remover and let it go to work, then just rinse the mess away!

There are other cleaners on the market that are capable of effectively cleaning insect remains off paint, but they tend to use solvents or acids to do it. These solvents and acids are extremely dangerous for your paint and will eat away your clear coat just as quickly as the bug remains. Pinnacle Advanced Insect Remover was formulated without these dangerous substances to ensure that your paint is never exposed to the potential risk of clear coat degradation.
With Pinnacle Advanced Insect Remover, removing even the most baked on and old insect remains is as easy as spraying, soaking, and wiping!

Without the use of these acidic or solvent-based cleaner, Pinnacle Advanced Insect Remover is perfectly safe to use on more than just your paint. You can remove bug remains from your plastic, glass, and chrome surfaces just as easily and safely with Pinnacle Advanced Insect Remover.

Only use Pinnacle Advanced Insect Remover out of direct sunlight and on a cool surface.
1. Spray Pinnacle Advanced Insect Remover directly onto the surface.
2. Allow the product to dwell and penetrate for 3-5 minutes.
3. In extreme cases, you may need to agitate the surface with a Pinnacle Safe Scrub Bug & Tar Pad.
4. Thoroughly rinse the surface with clean, fresh water.
5. Wash your car as normal after application.

16 oz.
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