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Pinnacle Engine Cleaner & Degreaser

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Never be embarrassed to open your hood ever again!

Pinnacle Engine Cleaner & Degreaser is designed dissolve and eliminate the caked-on grime, grease, oil, and dirt that gets caked on the surfaces of your engine’s compartment. Pinnacle Engine Cleaner & Degreaser is formulated without the use of dangerous chemicals or solvents, meaning it won’t stain or discolor any of the metal, plastic, or rubber surfaces on your engine’s compartment.

To those of us that are truly invested in our automotive detailing, we leave no surface undetailed. We work tirelessly to ensure that every nook and cranny is flawlessly cleaned and cared for. The engine compartment does not get a free pass just because it is not always seen. However, the engine compartment does make striving for perfection quite difficult at times. The grime, grease, and oil that builds-up in your engine compartment are some of the most difficult to remove messes to exist on your car. Pinnacle Engine Cleaner & Degreaser gives you the perfect solution to cleaning this tricky and annoying area of your car!

The cleaner agents that are used in the formula for Pinnacle Engine Cleaner & Degreaser are designed to quickly and effectively break-down and loosen the stubborn messes that plague your engine compartment. Even in the areas where you are unable to fit a brush, Pinnacle Engine Cleaner & Degreaser will work quickly to remove the grease and grime that has collected there!

Unlike with other engine cleaners and degreasers, Pinnacle Engine Cleaner & Degreaser was designed without the use of dangerous phosphates and solvents. There is no use in going through the effort of cleaning your engine compartment if the cleaner you are using is just going to discolor and damage the surfaces anyway. With Pinnacle Engine Cleaner & Degreaser, you’ll always receive an effective and safe clean!
Pinnacle Engine Cleaner & Degreaser ensures that each and every INCH of your vehicle is perfect cleaned and detailed! Simply spray, scrub, wipe, and you're done!

However, Pinnacle Engine Cleaner & Degreaser won’t just provide an effective clean to your engine compartment. If there is tough to remove mess on any metal, rubber, or plastic surface on your car, Pinnacle Engine Cleaner & Degreaser will tack care of it. Fast!

Directions for use:
1. Take necessary precautions against sensitive engine components getting wet.
2. Ensure engine is cool before cleaning.
3. Spray Engine Cleaner & Degreaser directly onto the surface to be treated.
4. Allow to dwell for up to 5 minutes. For heavily affected areas, use a medium bristled brush to agitate caked on grease and grime.
5. Rinse away using a gentle spray of water.

16 oz.
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