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Pinnacle Crystal SiO2 Spray 128 oz.

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The perfect combination of nature and science!

Pinnacle Crystal SiO2 Spray redefines what we have come to expect from standard SiO2 protection. Pinnacle Crystal SiO2 Spray’s formula consists of a unique and genius combination of advance Silica technology and all-natural ingredients. These natural ingredients that are used to create Pinnacle Crystal SiO2 Spray don’t hinder its ability to protect your paint in any negative way! Pinnacle Crystal SiO2 Spray is still able to provide the same long-lasting, durable protection that you’ve come to expect from an SiO2 based product!

The protection provided to your paint by Pinnacle Crystal SiO2 Spray is sure to surprise you! When most people think durable protection, they think about small vials of awful smelling liquid that was created in a lab using a slew of chemicals that are not entirely known. Pinnacle Crystal SiO2 Spray however, is able to achieve comparable levels of protection with a much lower risk of harm to you, the environment, and your car!
Pinnacle Crystal SiO2 is easily applied to painted surfaces and provides a strong and long-lasting layer of protection. Plus, you can't beat that beautiful beading!

Pinnacle Crystal SiO2 Spray is capable protecting your paint for months with one simple application. That means that you can potential get just as much protection as a sealant with a fraction of the application time!

The extremely hard shell of protection provided by Pinnacle Crystal SiO2 Spray coats your car with a lasting hydrophobic effect. This hydrophobicity will drastically change how water interacts with the surface of your paint. Normally, water would collect on the surface of your car and rest there until it evaporates and deposits minerals on your paint. These minerals then cause water spots and etching in your painted surfaces. However, once you have applied Pinnacle SiO2 Spray, the water will simply bead up on the surface of your paint. Then, because the surface tension of your paint is now too high, it will simple roll off harmlessly!
Use Pinnacle SiO2 Spray on your glass surfaces to create instense water beading, keeping your windshield clear during inclement weather!

While Pinnacle Crystal SiO2 Spray works wonders on its own as a stand-alone protectant, you could use it to extend the life of and increase the hydrophobicity of your currently standing wax, sealant, or silica coating!

The look of your paint after applying Pinnacle Crystal SiO2 Spray will make you wonder how they packed so much shine into one bottle!

For best results, wash and dry surface to be treated before application. Shake well. Spray product onto a clean and dry microfiber towel or directly onto paint, being cautious of overspray. Using an even motion, apply to the surface. Allow to haze and use a second, clean microfiber towel to buff off.

128 oz.


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