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A message from Bob McKee, Founder and Owner of Pinnacle Black Label Collection, Subsidiary of Palm Beach Motoring Group…

It’s only natural was the response I received from my long-time business partner and chief chemist when I presented the idea of developing an all-new line of superior car care products to bear the Pinnacle name. That’s an ironic statement, considering my latest venture is the complete opposite of what Pinnacle Natural Brilliance has always stood for – science and nature in harmony. To stay on the cutting edge of surface care technology and to continue the growth of the Pinnacle name, I had to take the brand closest to my heart where it has never been before.

Since its inception over twenty years ago, the Pinnacle brand has continually evolved, redefining car care by introducing new technologies and setting new trends. Xtreme Machine Technology, or XMT, was the first evolution of the Pinnacle brand. XMT introduced a machine-specific line of products that enabled users to get better results in less time. The latest evolution of the Pinnacle line is Black Label, a collection of coatings and other cutting-edge surface care products that will redefine car care like Pinnacle originally did over twenty years ago.

Pinnacle Black Label Collection

If I could only exchange my muted grin for a nickel every time someone suggested a Pinnacle paint coating or paint sealant. As the proud owner of one of the most sought after lines of car care products ever available – Pinnacle Natural Brilliance – I had to repeatedly explain the differences when the inevitable comparison was made between a pure carnauba paste wax and a paint coating, even though I was secretly working on the best paint, glass, wheel, and surface coatings the world would ever witness. While the two lines appeal to different crowds, I wanted to combine the best of both worlds with the Black Label collection of products.

The road to creating Black Label was a long and enduring challenge. My team and I spent a great amount of time analyzing and testing different formulas and seeking out raw ingredients that we had never utilized in the past. Like the carnauba waxes and detail sprays that form the backbone of Pinnacle Natural Brilliance line, cost was not a consideration with Black Label. That eliminated one obstacle. The next – and arguably the most difficult – hurdle to overcome was ease of application. I made it clear to my team that, in order for this new breed of products to bear the Pinnacle name, they had to be the best of the best in each category, both in ease of application and overall performance. The products also had to be extremely concentrated, so only a few drops would be required to clean, coat, or protect any given part of your vehicle.

I’m proud to introduce what is in my humble (and somewhat biased!) opinion the best line of paint, wheel, glass and surface coatings the world has ever seen. I'm positive that you'll not only enjoy every Black Label product, but that you will find each formula to be the best that you've ever used.

Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Surface Coating creates a deep gloss that lasts up to 3 years!
Bob McKee, the owner and founder of Pinnacle Black Label, shows off his Crystal Red Corvette Convertible that has been coated with Diamond Surface Coating. The highly reflective, glassy shine created by Diamond Surface Coating will last up to 3 years.
Pinnacle Black Label Car Care Handbook
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Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Glass & Wheel Combo
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Pinnacle Black Label Hide-Soft Leather Kit
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Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Coating Elite Kit
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Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Coating Maintenance Kit
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Pinnacle Black Label Synergy Wax Elite Kit
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The Belt Pinnacle Black Label Kit
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