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Pinnacle Advanced Glass Cleaner

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Provides perfect visibility!

Pinnacle Advance Glass Cleaner solves one of the biggest issues that many detailers have, streaky or dirty windshields. Pinnacle Advance Glass Cleaner contains no ammonia in its formula, making it perfectly safe for tinted windows. Pinnacle Advance Glass Cleaner can be used on all interior and exterior glass to effectively clean road grime, dust, dirt, insects, and smokerís film. The advanced streak-free finish of Pinnacle Advance Glass Cleaner will leave your glass looking likeÖ well, nothing!

Making sure your paint is blemish-free is quite a challenge, but it pales in comparison to the difficult of keeping your glass surfaces clear of debris. The transparency of glass means that each and every speck, smear, and streak is visible from yards away! The constant battle with your glass is made even worse by the fact that most product designed to clean this debris away will leave a streaky finish behind that is worse than the debris itself.

Pinnacle Advanced Glass Cleaner was formulated specifically to avoid this common and annoying trait in glass cleaners. The main reason glass cleaners will cause streaks is due to the phosphates that are included in their formulas to control pH levels. Because Pinnacle Advanced Glass Cleaner does not include acidic properties, there is no need to include streak-creating phosphates to balance it out!

Pinnacle Advanced Glass Cleaner is an alcohol based cleaner, which offers multiple advantages when cleaning glass. The alcohol base of Pinnacle Advanced Glass Cleaner aids in breaking up the bonds between the contaminants that form exhaust and smokerís film, making them easy to wipe away. The alcohol also ensures that the product evaporates quickly. The speedy evaporation of Pinnacle Advanced Glass Cleaner greatly reduces the occurrence of streaks and smudges!
Pinnacle Advanced Glass Cleaner will quickly remove dirt, dust, road grime and film, and all other sorts of contaminants to leave your glass looking like..nothing!

Another large concern most detailers have to consider when cleaning glass is the potential damage the cleaner could pose to any tinting that may have been done to the glass. Damage to tint is mainly caused by the ammonia that other cleaners use as a base in their formula. Ammonia, with repeated use, will cause your tint to bubble and peel away from the glass. Because Pinnacle Advanced Glass Cleaner is alcohol based and not ammonia based, it will not cause your tint to separate from your glass over time.

Treat your glass with the clarity and safety it deserves with Pinnacle Advanced Glass Cleaner!

Directions for use:
For best results, have more than one glass towel on hand.
1. For exterior glass, spray Advanced Glass Cleaner directly onto the glass surface in an even layer. For interior surfaces, spray cleaner first onto towel before application.
2. Using a clean microfiber glass towel, spread the product over the surface to clean.
3. Flip your microfiber towel to a clean and dry side to buff away remaining product.

16 oz.
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