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Pinnacle Microfiber Detailing Mitt

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A safe, gentle approach to washing the car.

The Pinnacle Microfiber Detailing Mitt is a paint safe wash or dusting mitt made out of Cobra’s premium 80/20 microfiber. With over 200,000 threads per square inch, this mitt’s plush exterior provides a gentle touch on automotive paint, glass, and metal.

The Pinnacle Microfiber Detailing Mitt is built for car maintenance. Manmade microfiber is durable, silky soft, highly absorbent, and versatile. In fact, this single mitt can be used as a wash mitt or a dusting mitt. Used dry, the mitt glides over surfaces, picking up dust and lint with a magnetic charge. Use the Pinnacle Microfiber Detailing Mitt with Pinnacle Bodywork Shampoo to gently bathe your vehicle with a material that is as gentle as sheepskin or a sea sponge, but more durable.

To further protect the paint, the Pinnacle Microfiber Detailng Mitt has a soft, absorbent lining that holds enough soapy water to lubricate and protect the paint against swirls. You can further protect the paint by rinsing the mitt before you reload it with soapy water. This simple step will prevent the transfer of dirt into the wash bucket and back onto the paint.

The Pinnacle Microfiber Detailing Mitt has ample cushion to provide comfort while you wash. The dual finger compartment gives the mitt a better fit to prevent it from sliding off during use.

Microfiber can be safely used with or without chemicals when cleaning because of its unique make-up. The synthetic material is a blend of polyester (for strength and durability) and polyamide (of an absorbent yet quick-drying nature). The internal structure of the individual fibers can be detected under a microscope—each thread is split to look like the spokes on a wheel. These are the driving force behind microfiber’s powerful cleaning, polishing and shining potential. This structure also causes microfiber to act as a magnet towards dust and lint particles.

Use the Pinnacle Microfiber Detailing Mitt to safely clean the exterior – and the interior – of your vehicle. Microfiber’s incredible softness and natural static charge make the Pinnacle Microfiber Detailing Mitt a must-have tool for complete car care.

Wash the Pinnacle Microfiber Detailing Mitt in your washing machine with Pinnacle Micro Rejuvenator, a concentrated detergent formulated for the special needs of microfiber. Avoid using fabric softener or bleach. Tumble dry on low or no heat.

10 x 7 inches

Tips for a Safe Wash:
Use Pinnacle Bodywork Shampoo to create a rich lather in one bucket and fill a second bucket with clean water. Each time you need to rewet your mitt, rinse it in the clean water before reloading it with soap. This technique will rinse most of the dirt from the mitt so that it does not redeposit on the vehicle.


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