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Microfiber Detailing Cloth

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Tackle the tough jobs with a tough towel!

Over 200,000 fiber strands per square inch in this cloth make it work hard for you to get the job done right. Serious enthusiasts and professional detailers alike use only the finest, quality products on the cars they care for. There’s just nothing better on the market than this detailing cloth. Try it once and you’ll see what we mean.

The Microfiber Detailing Cloth is constructed of a densely woven 80/20 blend of polyester and polyamide filaments. Individually nearly invisible to the naked eye, and hundreds of times finer than a human hair, they have qualities unmatched by the materials used in most other detailing cloths.

Sure, there are other microfiber products available on the market, products that are touted as being “the best!” but they’re usually constructed using a “flat” weave method. Flat weave construction has specialized applications, but in many instances it actually repels water. That makes it of little use for the many cleaning and polishing applications you come across when detailing fine automobiles. You probably have a tiny flat-woven microfiber cloth for cleaning your eyeglasses. Try to detail your car with that.

The Microfiber Detailing Cloth is manufactured using a process known as “splitting.” This type of specialized grabs dirt and grease and carries it away. This is not your average “crisscross” fabric weave.

The first commercial production of microfiber in the U.S. was in 1989 by E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Company, Inc. Todays microfibers are produced from a variety of synthetic fibers. The true definition of a microfiber is a fiber that has less than one denier per filament. (Denier is a unit of measurement for the fineness of a fiber strand, usually a synthetic fiber.) Microfiber is the thinnest, finest of all man-made fibers. It is finer than the most delicate silk. To relate it to something more familiar  a human hair is more than 100 times the size of many microfibers. Today microfiber (sometimes referred to as “Micro Fiber,”  two words,) is manufactured in several countries. The microfibers used in most automobile detailing and general cleaning applications consist of a polyester and polyamide (pol-ee-mid) filament blend.

Polyester is the fiber that has “scrubbing” properties. Polyamide is the fiber that is quick drying and very absorbent. Once the two fibers are “split,” the resulting strands are blended, and woven into “loops,” much like the loops in a terry cloth towel. But, the fibers in our Microfiber blend are hundreds of times finer than you’re used to in a towel, and as a result have unique qualities that make them ideal for your use. The loop structure of the Microfiber Detailing Cloth makes it ideal to “scrub” even the minute, and microscopic crevices where dirt and residues “hide,” making this material ideal for cleaning and lifting away those elements, and trapping them in the weave until you rinse them away in the wash.

Skilled detailing professionals who “know,” use microfiber towels like a “high-tech” chamois, to whisk away water, dirt, and polishes easily. Nothing compares to this type of towel. And no detailing cloth compares to the Microfiber Detailing Cloth. It’s as soft as you can imagine, and yet extraordinarily tough. The softness makes it unbeatable to use on the most delicate surfaces, whether painted or plastic. The toughness makes it last and offers “deep scrubbing” properties.

When you use it dry, the Microfiber Detailing Cloth will lift unwanted materials from any surface because it has a positive charge inherent in the weave of the fabric blend. Dirt and dust has a negative charge, which is statically “drawn” to the positive charge in the dry cloth. And, it’s totally lint-free, for the perfect application of polishes, one-step cleaners, and protectants used in the detailing process. It will remove wax and polish residue easily, to give you that mirror-like showroom shine you’re looking for with no streaking.

The Microfiber Detailing Cloth is meant to be used as dry as possible, which means you will want to reduce, or even eliminate the amount of “product” necessary to do the job. When you do use it damp, the Microfiber Detailing Cloth will clean any surface like nothing you’ve ever used before. With hundreds of potential uses, you’ll be amazed at how one cloth can clean anything, from the delicate plastic lenses on your instrument panel to dirty door jams, and the grungiest wheels. You can polish chrome, clean brass, pick up virtually any stain (even old ones!) clean leather, plastic and more; all with this one remarkable cloth.

The Microfiber Detailing Cloth is also available in several money-saving kits on our car car kits page. Any of these kits will give you an assortment of microfiber products to clean, polish, and shine your vehicle like no fabric you’ve used before!

Care of Microfiber:
Wash your microfiber products using Pinnacle Micro Rejuvenator , a gentle detergent designed specifically for microfiber. Use the included measuring cup to add one ounce of Micro Rejuvenator to a medium-sized load or 2 ounces to a large load. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Lay out your microfiber towels to air dry or dry them on low heat in your clothes dryer.

Size: 16” x 16”
Color: Green

Choose the best microfiber towel for any detailing job!

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