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Metro Vac Attachment Holder

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Organize your vacuum accessories!

The Metro Vac Attachment Holder provides a neat and organized storage pouch for all your Metro vacuum attachments. The attachment holder can be hung by your wall-mount Metro Vac to keep all accessories within easy reach. Get the Metro Vac Attachment Holder to hold the accessories for any Metro vacuum.

The Metro Vac Attachment Holder is included with the Metro Full Size Vac N' Blo 4.0 HP Vacuum to hold the vacuum's multiple attachments. Now you can purchase the organizer separately to store any and all of your vacuum's accessories. The Metro Vac Attachment Holder is designed to be hung on the wall, where all vacuum attachments are easy to locate.

The Metro Vac Attachment Holder is durable and well-contracted. Its black and gray color is easy to keep clean and looks sharp hanging on any garage wall next to your Metro vacuum. Get your Metro Vac Attachment Holder and keep all your vacuum attachments where you can easily find them.
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