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Makita 6” Rubber Hook & Loop Backing Plate

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Replacement backing plate for the Makita BO6040 Polisher.

The Makita BO6040 polisher is a unique machine in the fact that it switches between dual action and rotary polishing modes. This ability means the Makita’s backing plate is doing double-duty as a rotary and a dual action backing plate. If you ever need a replacement, we stock the genuine Makita 6 inch Rubber Hook & Loop Backing Plate.

Because the Makita polisher can work as either type of polisher, the backing plate is well-ventilated in case you do choose to use it as a rotary machine. The plate has 14 vent holes in the rubber and 8 more in the plastic plate. (The holes are strategically placed so the plate will still grip the foam pad well.) All these holes provide ample venting to reduce heat build-up underneath the pad. Since the polisher can be used as a rotary, this enhanced venting really comes in handy.

The 6 inch backing plate is made of rubber with a molded plastic plate. The rubber is beveled around the edges to eliminate any sharp corners. Since the plate fits inside the lip of the 7.5 inch foam pads, your paint is protected from accidental scratches as you polish.

The Makita backing plate screws into the machine from underneath through a metal washer built into the plate. Maybe its just me, but this assembly seems like it keeps the backing plate well-balanced because the screw serves as a center post. Since the screw is accessible from underneath the plate, it’s easy to tighten the backing plate down using the hex wrench that came with your Makita polisher. The screw is recessed into the plate so there’s no chance of it ever touching the paint or interfering with the pad placement.

The Makita 6 inch rubber backing plate features industrial hook & loop to securely hold our 6.5 foam pads or 7.5 foam pads. The Dual Action 6.5 inch Foam Pad Kit or the Advanced Curved Edge 7.5 inch Foam Pad Kit will have all the pads you need to start polishing with your Makita BO6040 and your Makita 6 inch Rubber Hook & Loop Backing Plate.

Rubber Backing Plate
Includes bolt and washer
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