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Leather & Vinyl Scrub Brush

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Designed to agitate, not irritate!

Leather and vinyl both benefit from a gentle scrubbing from time to time. Since both materials are porous, dirt and oil can become trapped in those pores. Wiping with a towel is not going to clean beneath the surface. The Vinyl & Leather Scrub Brush will. Its soft bristles will pull contaminants out of the pores to leave leather and vinyl truly clean.

Whether your aim is to protect, condition or clean, this soft, tampico-bristled brush is intended for safe use on leather or vinyl. Its 4 3/4 x 1 1/4 inch size is easily manipulated between seat cushions. When used with a quality product, youíll see far greater effects with this brush than you can imagine. Agitating the leather or vinyl opens the pores and allows your, letís say conditioner, to seep into the miniscule individual pores, lubricating and moisturizing deeply. You will be rewarded with a better, longer-lasting outcome when you scrub rather than just rub.

We've sold thousands of our Leather & Vinyl Scrub Brush over the years. This brush was originally manufactured as a hand and nail brush, but we and thousands of customers have found that this brush works wonders on leather and vinyl upholstery. If the Tampico bristles are gentle on your skin and cuticles, they're certainly safe on leather and vinyl!

For the best results, use Pinnacle Leather Cleaner and Leather Conditioner. Used with the cleaner, the Vinyl & Leather Scrub Brush removes dirt and oil from the materialís pores. Used with the conditioner, the brush works the conditioner into the fibers where it can moisturize and soften from within.

Use the Vinyl & Leather Scrub Brush the next time you clean and condition your leather or vinyl upholstery. Youíll be surprised at your results!

4 3/4 x 1 1/4 inches.


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