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Lambswool 6 Inch Leveling Pad


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Lake Country Mfg Lambswool 6 in Leveling Pad
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Item Description

Amazing that a soft, cushiony material can pack such a punch against uneven, rough paint!

Don’t let the gentle-sounding name fool you. Use this lambswool pad for attacking badly oxidized, uneven, rough painted surfaces. When used alone, it levels paint, prepping it for the next step. Be aware of the swirl marks it can create, especially at high speeds.

Put a Cobra Microfiber Bonnet over a 6 inch lambswool pad. The pad serves as cushioning between the bonnet and backing plate.I like the lamb’s wool pad best used as a cushion under a bonnet. The lambswool pad helps provide a gentler, more even pressure against the surface when you’re applying polish, wax, or buffing them away with the bonnet. The lambswool underneath the bonnet helps foolproof your polisher, particularly if you’re a beginner with the machine.