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Lake Country Wool-Ball 3 inch & 5 inch Polishing Balls Combo

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Cuts like a wool pad!

The Lake Country Wool-Ball goes where wool pads can’t! The round wool polishing ball polishes between spokes and in concave spaces where flat wool pads just can’t reach. Cut through oxidation and discoloration on metals, painted surfaces, fiberglass, gel coats, and composites with the Lake Country Wool-Ball!

The patent pending Lake Country Wool-Ball is an ideal shape for polishing aluminum spoke wheels. The wool ball is 360° of polishing power that erases oxidation and brake dust pitting on wheels. Use a metal polish wheels made of aluminum, chrome, or stainless steel.

On boats, use the Lake Country Wool-Ball to clean and polish metal railings and latches, as well as gel coat fiberglass. Use a multi-purpose polish for these surfaces.

Available in two sizes, the Wool-Ball really can go anywhere! the Wool-Ball Combo includes both the 3 inch and 5 inch Wool-Balls.

The Lake Country Wool-Ball boasts industrial grade construction! The polishing ball is made of 100% twisted wool for cutting action, a durable rubber core and a carbon steel hex shaft that prevents slippage. The wool ball is compatible with standard quick connect systems.

The Lake Country Wool-Ball is easy to use, even if you’ve never used wool pads. Attach the ball to your variable speed drill. Apply the desired polish to the surface using a foam applicator. Operate the ball up to 3000 RPM until the surface appears clean and smooth. Buff off remaining residue with a soft microfiber towel.

Use the Duo Spur pad cleaning tool as needed to remove excess polish and restore the wool’s texture. After you’ve used the ball, wash the Wool-Ball in a mixture of Snappy Clean Pad Cleaning Concentrate and water. Spin the Wool-Ball dry on the drill and then store it in a dry, protected place. We recommend storing the Wool-Ball in a sealable plastic bag to keep it clean between uses.

The Lake Country Wool-Ball works just like a wool pad but with a convenient go-anywhere design. Clean and polish spoke wheels, boat railings and fiberglass surfaces, painted surfaces, and more.

  • Effective on fiberglass molds, gel coat, composites, paint, and metals
  • 100% 4 ply twisted wool
  • Rubber core for long-lasting durability
  • Carbon steel hex shaft
  • Compatible with standard quick connect systems
  • Patent Pending

    Combo includes:
    3 inch Lake Country Wool-Ball
    5 inch Lake Country Wool-Ball

    A total retail value of $34.98. Save $4.99!
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