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The Edge 2000 Dual Action Polisher How To

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Restore your vehicle's shine using The Edge 2000 Foam Pads and a dual action polisher. We'll tell you how! The Edge 2000 Dual Action Polisher Guide explains the benefits of the Edge 2000 System, how to choose pads and polishes, and how to use your dual action or orbital polisher to remove swirls, scratches, and oxidation. Simple, straightforward directions will help you become an expert on dual action polishers.

The Edge 2000 Pads Key Features:
Pinnacle Wax

No backing plate needed.The Edge 2000 DA Adapter is precision machined to fit dual action polishers and random orbital polishers with a  5/16

  1. The Edge pads attach to your polisher using a Quick Connect Adapter that pops into the center of the pad. The connection is very secure and, because the adapter is in the center of the pad, the pad is always balanced.


  1. Since the pads do not require a backing plate, both sides are usable. Instead of buying two single-sided white pads, you buy one Edge white pad.


  1. All The Edge pads work with any polisher. You can use 6 inch pads on your rotary polisher; just be sure you have the Edge Rotary Drive Adapter. You can use the same pads on your dual action polisher with the Edge DA Drive Adapter. One set of pads works with both types of polishers. All you have to change is the adapter.


What pads do I need?
Pinnacle Wax

The Edge 2000 System offers many pad options to address different surface conditions. Pads are available in 6 inches and 8 inches. 6 inch pads are the most common choice for dual action and orbital polishers. You'll also need the DA Quick Connect Adapter to attach a pad to a DA polisher.

The Edge Flat Foam provides constant contact with the paint. The 6 inch pads have a rounded edge.

The Edge 2000 Yellow Cutting Pad

Yellow Cutting - This pad is aggressive, and will cut through deep surface marks and swirls. They work well on heavy oxidation and pitted finishes, and will remove wet sand scratches without causing burning.

The Edge 2000 Green Medium Cutting Pad

Green Medium Cutting - This pad is useful for light oxidation and moderate to severe swirls and imperfections. This pad will yield amazing results on older vehicles, and should be used on vehicles with moderate swirls and imperfections. Add a compound or pre-wax cleaner for a flawless finish on base coats.

The Edge 2000 Blue Polishing Pad

Blue Finishing - This pad is great for everyday use. It will leave surface areas scratch-free and smooth while still removing light swirls and imperfections. Use with wax and polish to apply a fine gloss. Safe on clear coats.

The Edge 2000 White Ultrafine Polishing Pad

White Ultrafine Polishing - This ultra-smooth polishing pad contains 80 pores per inch, allowing for fine polishing which creates a bold, crystalline gloss Use this pad to apply waxes, polishes and sealants. Safe on clear coats.

The Edge 2000 Drive Adapter

Edge 2K Drive Adapter - Precision machined brass quick connect adapter  has a 5/16 inch thread.

How do I polish out swirls and scratches?
Pinnacle Wax

The following is a general guide to paint correction with a dual action polisher. It explains the complete process from compounding to polishing to finishing. If your paint does not require compounding, skip to polishing. If you’re not sure, start with polishing. Always take the least aggressive approach first! If you don’t get the desired results from polishing, then step up to a more abrasive swirl remover or pad.

The pads pictured at the beginning of each section indicate what pads can be used to perform the job described.

  1. Please note:  If your fingernail catches the scratch or swirl, it may require wetsanding and possibly repainting.

I. Compounding & Swirl Removal
Pinnacle Wax

The Edge 2000 Yellow Cutting PadThe Edge 2000 Green Medium Cutting Pad

A compound is the most aggressive type of polish. A compound is designed to remove the deepest scratches and swirls and heavy oxidation. It should never be used on new or like-new paint. XMT Heavy Duty Swirl Remover 4 is a compound.

A swirl remover is less aggressive than a compound, but still capable of removing significant swirls and some scratches and oxidation. Swirl removers vary in terms of abrasiveness. Pinnacle offers a full range of swirl removers to suit any paint condition. From lightest to heaviest, these swirl removers are: XMT Ultra Fine Swirl Remover 1, XMT Fine Swirl Remover 2, and XMT Intermediate Swirl Remover 3. Pinnacle Advanced Swirl Remover is a versatile swirl remover that works on a wide variety of paint imperfections. The application of compounds and swirl removers is the same.


Compounding & Swirl Removal Procedure:

  1. Choose medium green cutting pad and a swirl remover.

  2. Apply a bead of swirl remover around the edge of  the pad. Some will say apply a quarter size amount. You can even apply it directly to the paint. Ultimately you're going to spread it around so how the swirl remover gets on the paint is up to you. Spread the swirl remover over a small section  (about 2 x 2 sq. ft.) with the polisher turned off to prevent sling.

  3. Set the maximum speed on the polisher at 5. Turn the polisher on and work the swirl remover in a side to side, overlapping motion. Move slowly to give the abrasives time to work.

    NOTE: The Porter Cable tells you if you're applying too much pressure. The pad will stop rotating. Lighten up on the machine and let it do the work for you.

  4. When the swirl remover turns to a transparent film, the abrasives have broken down. Turn off the machine and lift it off the paint. Buff away the residue with a soft Cobra Microfiber Towel and inspect your results. If you are not satisfied, upgrade to the yellow or orange pad. 

II. Polishing
Pinnacle Wax

The Edge 2000 Blue Polishing Pad

A polish contains very fine abrasives and many contain chemical cleaners. The purpose of a polish is to remove very mild imperfections and restore gloss to the paint. A polish is used as the only correction step if the paint is in fair condition. If you’ve just used a compound or swirl remover, the polish – or finishing polish – will remove any compounding haze and restore the paint’s shine.

Use Pinnacle Advanced Finishing Polish or XMT Ultra Fine Swirl Remover 1 if you’ve just compounded or if the paint has very light swirls or haze.

If your vehicle did not require swirl removal and has no significant imperfections, you may opt to use Pinnacle Paintwork Cleansing Lotion or XMT Finishing Glaze instead of a true polish. A prewax cleaner will clean the paint and improve its luster. A glaze fills in minor imperfections to create a smooth texture.


Polishing Procedure:

  1. Use the blue polishing pad on your polisher. Apply the polish of your choice to the pad or to the paint and spread it around with the machine turned off.

  2. Set the maximum speed to about 4.5. You're not trying to cut. You're just trying to burnish the paint to a high gloss. Work in a side to side, overlapping motion until the polish turns clear or begins to dry.

  3. Buff with a Cobra Microfiber Towel and check your results. If you can still see some haze, repeat the process.


II. Finishing
Pinnacle Wax

The Edge 2000 White Ultrafine Polishing Pad

Once you've achieved the optimum shine, follow up with a wax or sealant to lock it in. Pinnacle Liquid Souverän™ is a great choice for machine application, but the paste waxes - Souverän and Signature Series II - can also be used. You’ll need to turn the paste wax upside down and work it out of the jar. Then butter the pad like you're buttering bread.

  1. Use a white finishing pad on your polisher. Apply the wax of your choice to the pad or to the paint and spread it around with the machine turned off.

  2. Set the maximum speed to 3 or 4. You do not need speed to apply nonabrasive products. Spread the product over the paint until it is sufficiently covered. There are no abrasives to break down. You are just trying to get even coverage.

  3. Buff off the product with a Cobra Microfiber Towel or slip a Microfiber Bonnet over an unused pad. The bonnet is like having a microfiber towel on your polisher. Just be sure to put the bonnet over a clean pad so no residue will seep through the bonnet.


Detailing Tips:

  1. Apply enough pressure to work the product into the finish but not enough to stop the pad from rotating.

  2. Pad and product selection is not an exact science. The severity of the imperfections, the cut of the pad, and the aggressiveness of the product all factor into the final results. Don't be afraid to experiment.

  3. Start with the least aggressive method first. Go to a more aggressive pad or polish only if necessary.


Foam & Wool Pad Cleaning
Pinnacle Wax

Clean foam and wool pads with Snappy Clean. Dissolve a pack of Snappy Clean in a bucket of water per the directions before you begin detailing. As you use pads, toss them in the bucket and let them soak until the end of your detail session. When you are ready, agitate the pads with the Foam Pad Conditioning Brush and then rinse them well. Lay pads out to dry. When your clean pads are dry, put them in a sealable plastic bag or container to keep them free of dust until their next use.


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