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Deep Reach Wire Wheel Brushes

Deep Reach Wire Wheel Brushes

Got spoke wheels? You need these brushes!

Brake dust likes to hide between spokes and in lug nut holes because the average brush can’t get it out. Beat brake dust at its own game with the Deep Reach Wire Wheel Brushes!

Both of these brushes are shaped for easy access between wheel spokes. Long and narrow brush heads have sturdy bristles on all sides to clean multiple surfaces at once. The bristles are stiff enough to dislodge stubborn grime, but soft enough to avoid scratching the wheel surface. The bristles are held in place by a central wire extending from the wooden handle. This wire is completely covered by bristles so there’s no chance of the wire hitting your wheels. The handle is shaped for maximum comfort and has a hanging hole drilled in the end. Hang the brush up to dry or during storage to keep it clean.

Choose from two sizes, or get both brushes for a special price!

The 11" Wire Wheel Brush is sized for wheels with smaller slot openings such as BBS or mesh wire wheels. The cone shaped tip is an excellent tool for reaching into intricately patterned wheels. This brush is made of 2" durable tampico bristles.

The 16" Wire Wheel Brush is intended for larger slot openings allowing more wheel surface to be cleaned with each stroke. The 3" tampico bristles are durable, yet gentle, specifically manufactured to resist deterioration from wheel cleaning chemicals.

For the best results, use Pinnacle Clear Coat Safe Wheel Cleaner. This water-based formula works hard to remove stubborn brake dust and grime, yet it is non-acidic and environmentally safe. Use this cleaner on any type of wheel.

Attach brake dust where it hides: the Deep Reach Wire Wheel Brushes are a necessity for spoke wheels.
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