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Cotton Chenille Wash Mitt

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Washing your car is more effective and enjoyable when you have a thick, soft 100% cotton mitt—with a snug elastic cuff!

There are a number of very good mitts, sponges and pads available to help make washing your car a rewarding experience. Genuine, natural materials and synthetics are available in any one of these forms—it’s just a matter of preference and comfort. I always choose natural materials because that’s what I like.

I can recommend that you get yourself a good wash mitt. Not a chintzy, limp-wristed hand mop, but a soft, plush, absorbent mitt with a sturdy elastic cuff that won’t slide off. This luxurious chenille mitt holds loads of suds and bubbles, making your wash job fly by in no time. You won’t need to keep returning to the bucket with every few passes. You’ll never use an old towel or rag again. Chenille is a special weave, designed to attract and trap dirt in the thousands of super-absorbent yarns and then releases virtually all ensnared dirt when submerged into your wash bucket. This makes wash-induced scratches or swirls a thing of the past.

The 100% cotton chenille mitt is plush, super absorbent, and paint safe. The heavy-duty elastic cuff will keep it in place and withstands wash after wash. The durable construction means that it retains its shape and fullness throughout countless uses. The mitt has an eight inch palm span and is nine inches long, above the cuff. This large surface area quickly covers the car, and the hundreds upon hundreds of yarns equals greater suds retention, alleviating the chances of swirling or scratching.

To care for this mitt, rinse well with clean water and air dry. At $7.95, it’s well worth its price!

Tips for a Safe Wash:
Use a lubricant-rich shampoo, like Pinnacle Bodywork Shampoo , to ensure that gritty particles do not scratch your finish as you wash. Your finish can also benefit from the Pinnacle Complete Wash System with Dolly . The system includes a 5 gallon bucket with a Grit Guard Insert®. This raised grid surface acts as a washboard for your wash mitt. Rub the mitt across the grid to remove dirt. The dirt will fall to the bottom of the bucket and remain there, thanks to the four, water-stabilizing quadrants. After rinsing, use The Ultimate Guzzler to safely and completely dry your vehicle.

Size: 8 1/2" x 7"
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