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Bufferstick Wheel Polishing Tool & 3 Microfiber Bonnets

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The first drill polishing tool to utilize super soft, microfiber bonnets!

The Bufferstick Wheel Polishing Tool uses the power of your electric drill to clean, polish, and wax wheels. Only the Bufferstick works with microfiber bonnets to provide a soft applicator for waxes and polishes. Made of coarse black foam, the Bufferstick fits between spokes and in narrow openings. Clean, polish, and wax your wheels with the one and only Bufferstick Wheel Polishing Tool.

The Bufferstick Wheel Polishing Tool is like having three tools in one: a cleaning tool, a polishing tool, and a buffing tool. First, you have the Bufferstick itself, made of cone-shaped foam secured to a sturdy fiberglass stem. Attach the Bufferstick to your electric drill and use it as a turbo-charged cleaning tool for dirty, brake dust-covered wheels. The spinning cone of foam agitates your wheel cleaner to loosen baked on brake dust with virtually no effort. The Bufferstick squeezes between spokes and into crevices, all the way to the other side of the wheel.

The Bufferstick Polishing Tool works with changeable microfiber bonnets.Use the Bufferstick for polishing and waxing, too! Three soft microfiber bonnets are included with the Bufferstick. Each bonnet can be used for wax and polish application or removal. The three bonnet colors help you designate a bonnet for every wheel detailing job. Designate one for polishing, one for waxing, and one for buffing. Color-coding will prevent cross-contamination so you always get peak performance from the bonnets.

Cover a dry Bufferstick with a bonnet and dispense a small amount of wheel polish onto the microfiber. Use the Bufferstick to polish the wheel thoroughly. The spinning Bufferstick provides faster, more consistent polishing action than you can by hand. The microfiber bonnet is gentle on all wheel finishes. This same technique can be used to apply a wheel wax, such as DP Wheel Glaze.

Once a haze has formed on the wheel, use a clean microfiber bonnet to buff the wheels clean. The microfiber will grab every bit of the wax or polish residue, leaving the wheel clean and shiny.

No other wheel polishing tool uses bonnets. Changeable bonnets allow you to do more with the Bufferstick without the risk of cross-contamination. Use a new bonnet for each step.

The Bufferstick Wheel Polishing Tool works with any standard electric drill. The tough fiberglass stem allows you to reach all the way to the back of the wheel where brake dust can accumulate.

Cleaning the Bufferstick Wheel Polishing Tool is easy. Simply wash out the foam with a water hose and allow to air dry. Wash microfiber bonnets in the washing machine with Pinnacle Micro Rejuvenator and tumble dry on low heat.

The Bufferstick Wheel Polishing Tool gets amazing results faster than hand-polishing. The foam cone fits into tight spaces effortlessly, and the spinning of the cone provides faster, more consistent agitation to improve the performance of cleaners and polishes. Only the Bufferstick Wheel Polishing Tool uses microfiber bonnets to apply and remove waxes and polishes for complete wheel care.

drill sold separately.

Kit includes:
Canary Yellow Bonnet
Baby Blue Bonnet
Neon Green Bonnet

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