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Makita BO6050J Polisher

Item # BO-6040J
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item description:

NEW & IMPROVED Features:
  • Higher OPM's (6,800 max)
  • New ergonomically correct body design with rubber grips for increased stability while holding.
  • Lock-on slide trigger switch for added convenience of continuous operation.
  • Smooth soft start operation
  • Two polishing modes in one exceptional machine!

    Electric polishers are broken down into two categories: dual action and circular. The dual-action machines are best for novice detailers because there is no risk of damaging the paint. The random motion of the pad makes them great for applying waxes and polishes without swirls or scratching. Circular polishers are great for removing scratches but require some expertise to use them properly. Circular models are the problem-solvers. Most enthusiasts keep one of each around to handle any detailing task. Fortunately, Makita makes the BO6050J Dual-Action Polisher, an ingenious polisher that works as a circular polisher or a dual-action polisher.

    An orange knob on the Makita Polisher makes it possible to switch back and forth between dual-action and circular motion. Just be sure the machine is off when you make the switch. The speed control on the back of the machine allows you to operate at anywhere from 1600 to 5800 opm, no matter what mode you are in. Use the dual-action mode for gentle polish and wax application, and buffing. Use the circular motion for compounding and scratch removal. One machine does it all!

    Best of all, when the Makita BO6050J is in circular mode, it still jiggles like the dual-action motion. This lessens the risk of producing swirls while still giving you the cutting power of a circular polisher. You should still take great care when operating the machine in the circular setting by starting at a low speed. We recommend 2 opm until you are more comfortable.

    The Makita BO6050J comes with a one year factory warranty and a handy carrying case. It also comes with a wrench to remove the 6” Velcro backing plate.

    The Makita BO6050J replaces two machines, making a great value. If you do not currently own a buffer, or you are not sure if your vehicle’s scratches will come out with an ordinary dual-action polisher, this is an excellent choice. Start out with the dual-action setting and a low-cut polish. The general rule is if your fingernail catches the scratch, you’ll need to do some compounding to totally remove it. If the dual-action is not working, just turn the machine off, turn the orange knob, and turn the polisher back on. The forced circular motion will cut the scratch down until it is completely eliminated.

    Circular polishing requires some know-how. If you are a beginner, polish in the company of a skilled detailer. While the Makita BO6050J is a great machine to learn on, you still need to take precautions to avoid swirling.

    If you only buy one polisher, make it the Makita BO6050J Dual-Action Polisher. This one machine will take care of all your detailing jobs, large or small, with just the turn of a knob.

  • 2-mode switch for "random orbit" action (finish sanding) and "random orbit with forced rotation" action (aggressive sanding and polishing)
  • Superior engineering and design reduces vibration by 20% and noise levels almost 2 to 1 over the competition
  • Variable speed control dial (1,600 - 5,800 OPM; 180 - 670 RPM) for various applications
  • Compact tool height (5-3/16") increases efficiency and maneuverability
  • Small diameter barrel grip for optimum comfort and control
  • Uses convenient hook & loop abrasive sanding discs and accessories
  • Efficient through-the-pad dust collection system with built in dust port for a cleaner work environment
  • Includes: 1 ea. Abrasive Disc (#120; 794610-1), Hex Wrench (783203-8), Rubber Pad (193286-4), Wrench Holder (410047-0) and Plastic Tool Case (824591-5)

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