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Pinnacle Advanced Tire Cleaner

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Breathe the life back into your tires!

Pinnacle Advanced Tire Cleaner works quickly to eliminate harmful and annoying debris from your tires, restoring the factory finish they had when you first bought them. You will be able to effectively remove contamination, road grime, and old dressings or gels from your tire surfaces with Pinnacle Advanced Tire Cleaner. Pinnacle Advanced Tire Cleaner’s formula won’t damage or discolor your tires, no matter type of tires you have! If your wheels suffer from the common browning that befalls most tires, Pinnacle Advanced Tire Cleaner will give you the perfect tool to eliminate it and bring your tires back to their factory finish!

Because tires are seen as a “wear part” they are often neglected and seldom corrected. While every does eventually end up replacing their tires, they will last you more than long enough for the neglect to cause some incredibly unsightly browning in the meantime. With so much time and effort going into perfecting the look of your paint, it’d be a shame if all of it was wasted because all people will see is the dull, faded mess of rubber on which your car sits.

A simple tire gel or dressing is usually about the extent that people will apply to their tires. While that will protect them and give them a nice shine, eventually that dressing or gel will dry out and just add to the discoloration and it was covering up before. Pinnacle Advanced Tire Cleaner is formulated to quickly break-up and remove old tire dressings and gel from the surface, exposing the fresh rubber underneath!
Pinnacle Advanced Wheel Cleaner will remove even the toughest brown stains from tires - just look at this tire! After just a few seconds' contact with the tire, the heavy duty cleaning formula instantly starts to work cleaning the surface. Using a stiff bristled brush help to remove even more stains before rinsing.
You can clearly see which side received a treatment from Pinnacle Advanced Tire Cleaner!

Pinnacle Advanced Tire Cleaner doesn’t stop at old dressings and gels though. Pinnacle Advanced Tire Cleaner will also expertly rid your tires of road grime, dirt, and other common contamination that collects on your tires.

Tire gels and dressings were designed to protect and improve the look of your tires, no the layer upon layers on debris and contamination that tends to cake on them. The best way to get the best results is to start with a clean slate. Pinnacle Advanced Tire Cleaner enhances the look and protection of whichever tire dressing or gel (like the Pinnacle Black Onyx Tire Gel) that follows it!

Unlike other tire cleaners on the market today, Pinnacle Advanced Tire Cleaner won’t cause any discoloration or fading when used on your tires!

Spray cleaner directly onto tire and allow to dwell for approximately 30 seconds. Using a scrub brush, scrub the surface of the tire. Rinse away thoroughly and apply tire dressing, gel, or coating as directed. For heavily contaminated tire, multiple applications may be necessary.

16 oz.
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