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8.5 inch Hook & Loop DuroWool 100% Wool Pads

8.5 inch Hook & Loop DuroWool 100% Wool Pads
Professional grade wool pads from Lake Country!

Before foam polishing pads were introduced, wool pads were the only choice for machine polishers. Many professionals still rely on wool pads to correct and restore automotive paint using their rotary polishers.

Please note that wool pads are more aggressive than foam pads because they generally transfer more heat to the paint. If you’ve never used wool pads or you are new to machine compounding, we suggest you start with a Porter Cable 7424 Dual Action Polisher and foam pads.

Lake Country’s wool pads have a special backing material called SURLYN® to protect the vehicle from heat transfer. This is a thermoplastic polymer backing that adds tremendous strength to the pad even when exposed to extreme temperatures. SURLYN® backed pads will last twice as long as conventionally backed pads thanks to cutting edge polymer engineering. With SURLYN® backing, these wool pads will outperform any wool pad you’ve used in the past.

Wool pads are available in two varieties:

8.5 inch Hook & Loop Twisted Wool Cutting Pad
Lake Country’s Wool Cutting Pad is made of 100% wool twisted into hundreds of individual strands. The tight twisting allows the pad to operate at a consistent level of aggressiveness for longer periods. With a 1.5 inch pile, the pad will hold up to many, many uses. The pad has a diameter of 8.5 inches but the thick pile gives it an overall diameter of 10 inches. You’ll be able to cover a lot of paint in a little time with this large wool pad. The Wool Cutting Pad is intended for severe swirls, scratches and heavy oxidation. Because this is a more aggressive pad, you’ll want a compound to get the best results.

8.5 inch Hook & Loop Knitted Wool Polishing Pad
Lake Country’s Wool Polishing Pad is made of 100% knitted wool that is both fluffy and dense. The knitting creates a plush, uniform surface that polishes the paint to a bright shine. The density of the knitted wool provides an ample cushion between the backing plate and the paint surface. The Knitted Wool Polishing Pad is intended to polish the paint and remove minor swirls and oxidation. Use a polish or a mild swirl remover for the best results.

A note about fluffing a wool pad: Wool pads are known to cake up but it’s an easy fix. With the polisher turned off, lay it down on the ground with the pad facing up. Set the speed to the lowest setting and turn it on. Hold a steel brush against the pad as it turns. The pile will fluff up in just a few seconds.

Your other option is to have 3 or 4 wool pads on hand so you can simply switch pads when one becomes caked.

To clean any wool or foam pads, toss them in a bucket filled with 3-4 gallons of water and one packet of Snappy Clean pad cleaning concentrate. Let the pads soak for up to 15 minutes and agitate the wool with a brush. Rinse and spin each pad on your polisher for a several seconds to quickly dry them.

Use our 8.5 inch foam pads to refine and smooth the paint following compounding. All of our 8.5 inch pads use the 7 inch rotary backing plate.

Lake Country’s 8.5 inch Hook & Loop Wool Pads work with any rotary polisher. The 100% wool pile and SURLYN® backing ensure consistent, professional results every time you polish.

Wool Pad Features:
8.5” diameter
1.5” pile height
100% wool
SURLYN® polymer hook & loop backing
Compatible with a 7 inch rotary backing plate (sold separately)
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