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Pinnacle XMT180 High Gloss Carnauba Paste Wax Includes FREE Applicator!

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Pinnacle XMT 180 High Gloss Carnauba Paste Wax includes a poly foam wax applicator.

Your vehicle will make a 180 degree transformation from dull to dramatic!

XMT 180 High Gloss Carnauba Wax is an easy-to-apply paste car wax made with genuine carnauba wax and nourishing oils. XMT 180’s adaptable formula can be applied in sun or shade and it looks flawless on any paint color. XMT 180 High Gloss Carnauba Wax is the perfect finishing touch to complement XMT Series polishes.

What better way to top off a perfectly detailed finish than with a glossy carnauba wax? XMT 180 High Gloss Carnauba Wax is made with real Brazilian carnauba wax blended with polymers and nourishing oils, which all work together to create a wet-looking shine with dependable paint protection.

In addition to carnauba’s natural resistance to the sun, XMT 180 High Gloss Carnauba Wax contains additional UV inhibitors to protect the paint from damaging rays. UV exposure accelerates paint oxidation, which appears as a dully, chalky layer over the paint. XMT 180 shields the paint with polymer-fortified carnauba wax so your vehicle remains shiny and smooth.

XMT 180 High Gloss Carnauba Wax works hand in hand with other XMT Series products to preserve and enhance your vehicle. Use it over XMT Carnauba Finishing Glaze to seal in the shine. XMT 180 High Gloss Carnauba Wax contains no cleaners and will not remove any underlying product.

Layer XMT 180 High Gloss Carnauba Wax over your favorite paint sealant to further enhance the gloss and depth of the paint. This wax looks excellent on any paint color and any type of paint. Crisp reflections and the unmistakable warmth of carnauba will make any paint color glow. XMT 180 dries to a clear gloss that makes the paint look instantly deeper and more vibrant.

XMT 180 HIgh Gloss Carnauba Wax is a great car wax for all paint colors.

One of the primary goals of the XMT Series was to create exceedingly user-friendly products. XMT 180 High Gloss Carnauba Wax is one of the most convenient carnauba paste waxes you can buy. It wipes on in a smooth, even coat and does not leave any white residue on rubber and vinyl trim. The light haze wipes right off.

XMT 180 High Gloss Carnauba Wax can be applied in sun or shade and in climates of high heat and humidity. The wax dries to a clear gloss, even on a hot car. And the pleasant grape scent makes you look forward to waxing your vehicle!

Just like all XMT Series products, XMT 180 High Gloss Carnauba Wax can be applied with a polisher. We recommend using the Porter Cable 7424 dual action orbital polisher and a finishing pad. Mist the pad with XMT Polishing Pad Conditioner before you begin for even easier application of the wax. Spread the wax over one section at a time at about 3000-4000 OPM, working in a side to side, overlapping motion. Allow the wax to dry to a light haze. Use a microfiber towel or a microfiber bonnet to remove the wax.

You can use Pinnacle Crystal Mist between wax applications to keep XMT 180 High Gloss Carnauba Wax looking fresh.

XMT 180 High Gloss Carnauba Wax is another exceptional Pinnacle wax. Made with real carnauba in an easy-on formula, XMT 180 will completely turn around your vehicle’s paint from bland to beautiful.

Wax comes with one polyfoam applicator.


Learn more about Made in USA Certification. Learn more about VOCs.”Hello AutoGeek Guys and Gals
Hey, just wanted to send my regards concerning the XMT 360! After reading about it and the reviews, I had to try it myself. I’ve got a white 2002 S10 that I care for like it was my child, and I am a weekend detailer. Anyway, you wouldn’t think white could get any better, any more shiny, deeper, etc. Well, I about flipped when I did my first panel with this stuff. Ooooh man, I got chills just looking at it. I have put many hours into this truck using XMT products and Pinnacle Souveran Carnauba Liquid and Spray Wax. Also grabbed some Pinnacle Black Onyx Tire Gel this last order too. WOW, I am impressed and very thankful for your products. Thank you thank you thank you!” – “Customer For Life”, B. Huber


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