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Pinnacle Chenille Wash Pad in BULK

Pinnacle Chenille Wash Pad in BULKA soft, plush and luxurious wash pad for shampooing your car!

Did you know? Chenille is a certain type of cotton that is intentionally used by Pinnacle for this reason: the yarn-like structure is non-abrasive, super absorbent and magnetic towards dirt on the surface of your car. When you submerge chenille into sudsy water, it releases practically all dirt particles that it gathered up, in a self-cleaning action. Chenille, when paired with a lubricating shampoo—I consider Pinnacle’s Bodywork Shampoo or Wolfgang’s Auto Bathe as the best—almost eliminates the slightest possibility of scratching or swirl marks that you run the risk of with other, lesser materials.

 This wash pad is a true luxury for your car. You’ll feel the difference from your usual sponge or cloth, and so will your car. With the Pinnacle name, you can be sure you’re getting a top quality product!

The Pinnacle 100% cotton chenille wash pad is plush, super absorbent, and paint safe. Over two inches thick, it will hold tons of suds, making your wash easier. Use a lot of water, because this thirsty chenille pad quickly soaks it in.

The durable construction means that it retains its shape and fullness throughout countless uses. The pad is just the right size (5 ½” x 7”) for the job!! This large surface area makes the task quickly zip by—the feel is so extravagant that you’ll wish the job didn’t go by quite so fast. The hundreds upon hundreds of yarns mean greater suds retention, alleviating the chances of swirling or scratching.

5½ x 7 x 2

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Cobra Chenille Wash Pad 3 Pack


Cobra Chenille Wash Pad 6 pack


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