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Natural Sea Sponge

Natural Sea Sponge
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Nature’s gift to cars.

If you’ve ever sunken your hands into a wet sea sponge, you recognize the plush texture that rivals the softness of lambs wool, the cushiony resiliency, the porous, absorbent nature which makes a natural sea sponge a choice for shampooing any car. They soak up and hold tons of sudsy water, decreasing the amount of times you have to return to your wash bucket for more lather. There’s something relaxing about sponging off your car with a natural product, rather than a synthetic man-made tool.

Typically, sea sponges come from one of two sources: Florida’s Gulf Coast or the Bahamas. Sponges from the Gulf are far superior in quality. When I get the rare chance of sneaking away to the Keys, sometimes I see the commercial sponge boats gathering the sponges that eventually make it here to the warehouse. If you decide to get one of these babies, every time you use it, remember that you’re holding a piece of the Florida Keys.

All sponges go through a rigorous cleaning process before shipping, but you’ll want to rinse well before use to remove sand or other abrasives that may be trapped in any of the hundreds of pores. Once rinsed thoroughly, you can’t beat the quality of a wash you get from a natural sponge. Their superior pliability makes them first-rate for applying consistent, gentle pressure along the surface of the car. Surprisingly, sea sponges are incredibly durable though they feel delicate. These sponges greatly reduce surface scratching by absorbing loosened dirt and grime into the sponge and away from the surface being washed. Once you use a natural sea sponge on your car, truck, RV or motorcycle, you’ll never want to use anything else.

Natural Sea Sponges vary slightly in shape and size, but they must fall within a 8"-10" range. They are the same quality of sponge that is used in the nation’s top spas.

You’ll want to pair your sponge with a nice shampoo, like Pinnacle Bodywork Shampoo , for the ultimate cleansing experience. After washing and rinsing your vehicle, dry it safely with the Cobra “Ultimate Guzzler” Waffle Weave Towel . The satin-edged microfiber will absorb a tremendous amount of water and it will never scratch.

Natural Sea Sponge
Item #SS-72
Our Price:$29.99, 3/$65.00
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