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Mytee Vehicle Drying Accessories Package

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Dry the interior of one vehicle while you detail another!

The Mytee Vehicle Drying Accessories Package is an ingenious attachment that will transform your Mytee HP-100 or HP60 Hot Water Carpet Extractor into an interior and exterior drying machine! Just imagine how much time you’ll save being able to dry the interior of one vehicle while you’re detailing another. That’s exactly what Mytee set out to do when they designed the Vehicle Drying Accessories Package.

Professional detailers know that time equals money and the sooner you can finish one vehicle, the quicker you can move on to the next. The Mytee Vehicle Drying Accessories Package enables you to do just that by drying the interior of one vehicle so you can get started on another project. The included window attachment nozzle is easy to set up in any vehicle, regardless of the shape or size of the window.

You already know your customers will appreciate having squeaky clean carpet and upholstery thanks to your Mytee Hot Water Carpet Extractor, so why not go the extra mile and ensure it is completely dry before delivery? The Mytee Vehicle Drying Accessories Package is worth its weight in gold because it enables you to go above and beyond without wasting valuable time.

The Mytee Vehicle Drying Accessories Package can also be used to dry the exterior of the vehicle. The included blower nozzle focuses warm air into cracks and crevices, blowing out water and debris.

25’ x ¼” Drying Hose
Exterior Drying Tool
Interior Drying Tool


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