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Turbo cleaning power in the palm of your hand.

The Turbo Hand Tool attaches to the Vac N Blo Portable Vacuum or the wall-mounted Vac N Blo Sr.

The Turbo Hand Tool gives your Vac N Blo a big boost in cleaning power. The internal turbine blade propels dirt and debris into the vacuum and cleans at a much faster rate than an ordinary attachment. The tool simulates going over the same spot multiple times, yet you only need a couple of passes to get carpets completely clean.

The Turbo Hand Tool is perfect for spot cleaning inside your vehicle, boat, and RV.

To get carpets really clean, vacuum in multiple directions over trouble spots. The movement of the carpet’s fibers will help release any stubborn dirt, crumbs, or sand. Use Wolfgang Spot Eliminator on any stains or spills. Between these two products, your carpets will clean up beautifully.

Remember, the Turbo Hand Tool works with the Vac N Blo or Vac N Blo Sr.

If you’re meticulous about keeping your vehicle’s carpet clean, the Metro Turbo Hand Tool is a real asset.


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