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There's nothing like the feeling of clean, supple leather!

Since the introduction of Pinnacle, the line has enjoyed the privilege of being used in some of the world’s finest automobiles. Car enthusiasts and collectors rely on its quality to take care of their vehicles inside and out. Of course, fine cars are often equipped with fine leather seats. That’s why the line includes three premium leather care products that will maintain the look, feel, and intoxicating aroma of your leather.

Leather ages like any skin. It requires regular cleaning and hydration to keep it looking young and supple. Pinnacle has developed Leather & Vinyl Cleaner to gently remove oils and dirt from the leather without drying it out. Pinnacle Leather Conditioner replaces moisture lost through day-to-day use and sun exposure. For quick leather care that is just as effective, rely on Pinnacle Leather Cleaner & Conditioner. It contains all the essential ingredients of the separate cleaner and conditioner, and it saves you time. Click on our kits to learn about how you can save money while giving your interior the ultimate care.

With Pinnacle leather care products, your leather will remain soft, supple, and fresh. They are pH balanced to work with your leather, not against it. With regular care, you can maintain the beauty and intrinsic value of your interior for the life of your vehicle.

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Pinnacle  How-To Instructional DVD <font color=red>Updated!</font>
Pinnacle How-To Instructional DVD Updated! - PIN-DVD
Learn from the experts! The Pinnacle Natural Brilliance How-To DVD has been updated with the latest techniques. ...more
Pinnacle Car Care Handbook
Product Handbook - HNBK-PIN
Retail Value $5.99
FREE for a limited time $0.00
The 24 page Pinnacle Handbook contains detailed descriptions of all Pinnacle products. Professional, helpful ...more
Pinnacle Leather Cleaner & Conditioner cleans and protects leather seats and upholstery. One step leather treatment, all in one leather care, leather cleaner/conditioner
Pinnacle Leather Cleaner & Conditioner New Formula - PIN-430
New formula cleans better and also absorbs into the leather faster. The scent has also been revised to provide more ...more
Pinnacle Leather & Vinyl Cleaner pH balanced leather cleaner lifts oils and dirt from leather seats, vinyl upholstery cleaner, clean leather, clean vinyl seats, leather shampoo
Pinnacle Leather & Vinyl Cleaner - PIN-250
PH-balanced formula safely lifts out dirt, grease, and oils. When life's little smears and smudges happen, ...more
Pinnacle Leather Conditioner restores moisture to dry leather seats, protects leather, makes leather soft, condition leather, leather protectant, leather treatment, protect leather
Pinnacle Leather Conditioner New Formula - PIN-340
New formula is thicker and absorbs faster into the leather. The scent has also been revised to provide more of a ...more
Pinnacle Leather Combo, Pinnacle Leather Cleaner, Pinnacle Leather Conditioner
Pinnacle Leather Combo - PIN-250340
Regular price: $67.96
Our price: $49.99
Includes microfiber detailing cloth and foam applicator! Lavish your leather in a gentle cleaner and rich ...more
Pinnacle Total Interior/ Exterior Detailing Kit cleans your car inside and out! Pinnacle wax, car polish, cleaner, detailing kit, car care kit
Pinnacle Total Interior/ Exterior Detailing Kit with FREE BONUS - PIN-911
Regular price: $455.77
Our price: $349.00
For a Limited Time recieve the Pinnacle Complete Car Care System Instructional How-to DVD with your purchase of ...more
Choose Bucket Color
Add Pinnacle Detailer's Tool Bag?
Pinnacle Concours Interior Kit is complete care for car interior seats, dash, door panels. Clean leather seats, leather cleaner kit, leather kit, leather car care
Pinnacle Concours Interior Kit with FREE BONUS - PIN-410
For a Limited Time receive the Pinnacle How-To Instructional DVD FREE with your purchase of this kit! Retail Value ...more
Pinnacle Black Label Hide-Soft Leather Cleaner, king ranch leather cleaner
Pinnacle Black Label Hide-Soft Leather Cleaner - PBL-500
Removes dirt and grime while preserving leather’s natural oils Pinnacle Black Label Hide-Soft Leather Cleaner is a ...more
Pinnacle Black Label Hide-Soft Leather Conditioner, king ranch leather conditioner
Pinnacle Black Label Hide-Soft Leather Conditioner - PBL-600
The protection leather craves Pinnacle Black Label Hide-Soft Leather Conditioner restores, conditions, and ...more
Pinnacle Black Label Leather & Vinyl Coating
Pinnacle Black Label Leather & Vinyl Coating - PBL-800
The BEST protection in interior care Pinnacle Black Label Leather & Vinyl Coating is a nano-polymer interior ...more
Leather & Vinyl Scrub Brush
Leather & Vinyl Scrub Brush - B-176
Designed to agitate, not irritate! Leather and vinyl both benefit from a gentle scrubbing from time to time. ...more
Natural Horse Hair Interior Upholstery Brush
Natural Horse Hair Interior Upholstery Brush - B-85-590
Give your leather interior a gentle cleaning with genuine horse hair! Our Natural Horse Hair Interior Upholstery ...more
Microfiber Applicator Pad
Microfiber Applicator Pad - MP-100
Regular price: $3.99
Our price: $2.99
These Microfiber Applicators do more than just apply the wax. With over 200,000 hooked fibers per square inch, ...more

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