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Leather & Interior How To

Leather & Interior How To

Clean and protect leather, vinyl, carpet and upholstery!

A clean car interior is part of the joy of driving. How would you like clean leather seats, spot-free carpet and upholstery, and a dust-free dashboard to surround you when you're in the driver's seat? Pinnacle's interior car care products will help you maintain a clean cockpit that is both comfortable and good-looking.

This interior cleaning how-to is broken down into weekly and monthly routines. The idea is that a little weekly maintenance will make your monthly detail much easier and you'll catch stains on carpet and upholstery before they set in.

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Weekly Cleaning Regimen

  1. A damp microfiber applicator will remove dust and does not leave lint!Use a Cobra Microfiber Towel to wipe down all solid surfaces. Used dry, the towel grabs dust and dirt like a magnet. Use damp, the towel scrubs away spills. Keep a microfiber towel handy in your vehicle for emergency clean-ups.
  2. If you have a Metro VAC N GO 500 High Performance Hand Vac at your disposal, give floor mats and the seats a quick vacuuming. This little machine isn’t cumbersome to use and it has great suction for a hand vac. If you find any spots on the carpet or upholstery, go ahead and treat them while they're fresh.
  3. For leather seats, use Pinnacle Leather Cleaner & Conditioner to wipe down the seats and remove any body oils that may have accumulated during the week.


Depending on how you use your vehicle, these three steps are likely all you need to do on a weekly basis to keep your vehicle's interior clean.


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Monthly Cleaning Regimen

The Metro Vac N Go 500 Hand Vac cleans up small messes quickly.Once a month or more, give your vehicle's interior a thorough cleaning.

  1. Vacuum the vehicle well using a high-powered vacuum, like the Metro Vac ‘N Blo. The Vac N Blo's crevice attachments make it easy to get into all those tight spots where only dirt and pocket change go.
  2. Spray a quality carpet cleaner onto spills and stains. Use our recommended Mat and Carpet Scrub Brush to work the cleaner into the spot and blot it away with a clean towel. Once the spot is dry, you can re-vacuum the treated area to fluff the carpet pile again.
  3. Wipe down all vinyl, plastic and rubber surfaces with a microfiber towel and Pinnacle Leather & Vinyl Cleaner. It removes dust and old vinyl dressings to prevent build-up.
  4. Next apply Pinnacle Vinyl & Rubber Protectant to the dashboard, door panels, console and trim. It has a low-gloss finish that does not attract dust. Another option is Black Label Leather & Vinyl Coating. This product forms a durable, protective coating on leather and vinyl surfaces. Compared to a traditional protectant that only lasts a couple weeks, Black Label Leather & Vinyl Coating lasts for several months. It even helps resist dye transfer from blue jeans. Treated surfaces will have a smooth, tactile feel.

    Avoid silicone-based protectants.
    Silicone leaves an oily residue and it attracts dust. Over time, it can turn your dashboard yellow. Stick to water-based protectants and you’ll never have to worry about a greasy, yellow interior.
  5. Clean out air vents and crevices with the Mini Two-Way Detailing Brush These areas are often overlooked and difficult to clean, but it makes a big difference in the overall appearance of your vehicle’s interior. Wipe the brush on a microfiber towel to prevent the dust from falling onto the carpet.
  6. Use the Cobra Waffle Weave Microfiber Glass Towel to wipe the glass clean with no streaks or lint. To avoid overspray, mist the towel with the glass cleaner, rather than spraying it directly on the glass.

Pinnacle Wax

  1. Clean leather seats with a water-based, non-alkaline leather cleaner. Pinnacle Leather & Vinyl Cleaner is pH-balanced to gently remove dirt and body oils without drying out the leather. This VOC compliant cleaner lifts dirt and stains out of the leather’s pores, which opens them up for the leather conditioner. Pinnacle Leather & Vinyl Cleaner contains no gloss agents or silicone oils. If you have a BMW, Mercedes-Benz, or Lexus that has semi-aniline leather, use Black Label Hide-Soft Leather Cleaner. This gentle, effective cleaner removes dirt and grime while replenishing lost oils, like lanolin and mink oil.

    Apply either cleaner to a small section and rub with a Cobra Microfiber Applicator. Stains may require agitation with a Leather and Vinyl Scrub Brush. Light agitation – not scrubbing – will help release stains and break up residues. Pat the section dry with a soft, dry Cobra Microfiber Towel and continue in this manner until you’ve cleaned all seats.

    Detailer’s Tip: Pay special attention to armrests, side bolsters, and the edge of the seat where your skin touches the leather. Dark spots indicate body oils, which can be removed with Pinnacle Leather & Vinyl Cleaner.

  3. Condition leather seats with Pinnacle Leather Conditioner, which contains no harmful silicones. Silicones and other artificial oils actually cause the leather to dry out prematurely. Silicones will sit on top of the leather and attract dust with a greasy, sticky finish. For the best results, use Pinnacle Leather Conditioner. It contains lanolin as its primary conditioning agent. Leather is nourished naturally, and therefore looks and feels like new. As an added bonus, it has UV inhibitors to prevent fading and cracking. If you have a BMW, Mercedes-Benz, or Lexus that has semi-aniline leather, use Black Label Hide-Soft Leather Conditioner. This thick cream provides the ultimate protection by feeding leather mink oil and lanolin. You can even use this conditioner on unfinished leather, like what you would find in a King Ranch Ford.

    Apply Pinnacle Leather Conditioner with a clean microfiber applicator. Allow it to penetrate for a few minutes. Then buff the seats with a clean microfiber towel.


Apply cleaner or conditioner to leather
Apply cleaner or conditioner to leather
with a Cobra Microfiber Applicator

Stains may require agitation with a
Stains may require agitation with a
Leather and Vinyl Scrub Brush

Pat the section dry with a soft,
Pat the section dry with a soft,
dry Cobra Microfiber Towel

Audi Q5 detailed using Pinnacle Black Label interior care products

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