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2 lb. Filter Rejuvenating Tablets

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Convenient tablets recharge your water softener overnight!

Recharge your water softener cartridge in just a few hours with this convenient 2 lb. bag of Filter Rejuvenating Tablets.

The tablets work by replacing the calcium and magnesium build-up with sodium ions. After soaking in the tablets and water overnight, your water softener cartridge will be as good as new.

To use, pour the tablets into a plastic dishpan or bucket; use enough to cover the bottom of the pan. Cover the tablets with water. Put the softener cartridge in the water and let it soak overnight.

There’s no telling how long one water softener cartridge will last. It depends on the hardness of your water. We recommend keeping at least 2 lbs. of tablets on hand and an extra water softener cartridge. When one is recharging, you can use the other cartridge so you don’t have to go a day without soft water.


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