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DA 6 Inch Flex Backing Plate

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A Polyurethane backing plate is a very important interface between the polisher/orbital and your vehicle. Molded polyurethane foam, will damp vibrations to prevent your polisher or orbital from bouncing, yet is flexible and tough enough to withstand the rigorous operation of a dual-action random orbital (Polyurethane will not deform and have a memory unlike traditional foam pads). A permanent bond between the polyurethane and other components of the pad eliminates separation problems.

An embossed hook facing that is molded with the polyurethane creates a permanent durable and flat surface. Quality hook facings also offer secure adhesion yet quick and easy removal.

Our polyurethane plates offer strict tolerance on weight, balance, roundness, and flatness. A plate that is not the correct weight, out of round, out of balance, or not flat causes vibrations which fatigue the user and prevent creating a professional finish. Strict tolerances in the polyurethane assure you that each plate performs consistently for a long time. A quality plate has a controlled weight and mass that balances with your tool and allows the tool to operate with minimum vibration.

  • Allows quick and easy pad changes with Velcro®
  • Fits all Dual Action polishers with 5/16" diameter shaft
  • 6 inch dual action backing plate
  • To be use with 7.5" pads
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