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Cyclo Pad Covers

Cyclo Pad CoversChoose from two types of bonnets: microfiber suede or cotton terry cloth. Both fabrics are ultra safe on any paint finish!

If you like applying car care products by machine, you’ll love taking them off by machine. The Cyclo Pad Covers, what we know as bonnets, are like buffing towels for your Cyclo. Just slip a bonnet over each pad and let the polisher work for you!

The bonnets fit snugly over 4 inch pads. The pads serve as a cushion between the pad holder (backing plate) and the paint. This cushion prevents scratches and the transfer of heat as you buff. Whether you are removing products or final buffing, your vehicle is safe with Cyclo.

Cyclo Pad Covers come in two varieties:

Microfiber Suede: This is the softest fabric of the two pad covers. The microfiber is manufactured to mimic the softness of suede. Use this pad cover for final buffing after you have removed the wax residue. It will pick up any remaining dust and gently buff your paint to a glossy shine.

Cotton Terry: The 100% cotton pad cover is ideal for removing dried polishes and waxes, and gentle polishing. The hooked fibers are excellent at removing residue and gently polishing the paint surface. Cyclo also says it can be used to clean interior surfaces.

Remember, you will need two pads and two pad covers on one Cyclo. They are sold individually so be sure to select 2 in the quantity box.

Both bonnets are washable and reversible. When one side becomes soiled, turn the polisher off, flip the bonnet inside out and keep buffing.

To wash Cyclo Pad Covers: toss them in the washing machine with Pinnacle Micro Rejuvenator. Even the terry bonnets can benefit from this clean-rinsing detergent. The bonnets can air dry or you can tumble dry them on low heat. Note: the terry bonnets will shed some lint in the dryer. The microfiber bonnets will grab the lint. To avoid this, dry the bonnets separately.

Say goodbye to hand-buffing! The Cyclo Pad Covers gently buff your vehicle to a dramatic shine with the same gentle touch you provide by hand, only much faster!

Pad covers sold individually.

Microfiber Suede Pad Cover

Availability: Usually ships the same business day.

Cotton Terry Pad Cover

Availability: Usually ships the same business day.


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