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Cobra Indigo Microfiber Polishing Cloth 6 Pack

Cobra Indigo Microfiber Polishing Cloth 6 Pack
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Remove wax in one pass with this advanced microfiber weave from Cobra! Go for the Indigo!

The advanced Cobra Indigo Microfiber Polishing Cloth is the only known cure for detailerís arm, a serious affliction that affects millions of detailers every weekend. The symptoms are tired, achy muscles in the dominant detailing arm which may be accompanied by a fatigued shoulder. Researchers have determined the cause of detailerís arm to be a repetitious wiping motion brought on by poor towel choice.

The Cobra Indigo Microfiber Polishing Cloth offers 100% prevention of detailerís arm with its remarkable wax-removing weave structure. The towel is covered in thousands of tiny loops densely packed side by side. As the towel glides over the paint surface, these loops grab the residue left by wax or polish. Cobra Indigo removes most or all of the residues in its path in one pass, preventing the repetitious wiping that results in detailerís arm.

Even paste waxes will come off with ease thanks to this unique design. Many microfiber towels become caked when removing wax or polish residue. Thatís a sign that they are probably best reserved for final buffing. For wax removal, the Cobra Indigo eclipses all other towels. Its looped texture cleans without caking and leaves the surface completely free of residue and that pesky white dust. (If you were using Pinnacle Souveršnô, you wouldnít have to worry about white dust!)

The Cobra Indigo Polishing Cloth is a 70/30 microfiber blend, the softest microfiber available. This is not the blend normally found in a polishing towel, but Cobra Indigo is breaking all the rules. Its amazing structure gives it excellent grip for polishing, yet itís still soft and plush like a buffing towel. Like all Cobra towels, the Indigo has over 220,000 fibers per square inch.

To further protect your paint finish, the Cobra Indigo has no hem. Itís woven into such a dense, intricate pattern that it doesnít need a hem to keep it from unraveling. The absence of a hem makes the Cobra Indigo extra gentle on all your vehicleís delicate surfaces. The Cobra Indigo is all microfiber, all the way to the edge. It will not scratch!

The Cobra Indigo has no tag, either. Cobra took every measure to protect your vehicle in the design of this towel.

The only known side effect of the Cobra Indigo Polishing Cloth is brilliantly clean and glossy paint. Users have also reported reduced detailing time as a result of how quickly the Indigo removes wax. A small percentage of users reported shrinkage of their towel collection because they found the Cobra Indigo is the only towel they need to remove car care products.

Complete recovery from detailerís arm can be achieved with combined therapy using the Cobra Indigo Polishing Cloth and Pinnacle Souveršnô or Signature Series II Carnauba Wax. Both waxes have a buttery texture that makes them a pleasure to apply and remove. They do not dry to a white chalk and they can be wiped off effortlessly with the Cobra Indigo. With relief from detailerís arm, you can return to doing the things you enjoy, like final buffing with the Cobra Super Plush Deluxe Towel.

Experience permanent relief of detailerís arm with the Cobra Indigo Microfiber Polishing Cloth! Try it for yourself and enjoy buffing again.

Pinnacle has the prescription for all your detailing dilemmas!

Note: The Cobra Indigo is part of the new wave in microfiber: the towel is composed of Korean split-weave microfiber, the best in the business, but the final step of the manufacturing process takes place in China, where production costs are significantly lower. (This is the same process used to create the Cobra Super Plush Deluxe Microfiber Towel, which is an excellent testament to the superior quality and value that can be achieved through shared manufacturing.) For this reason, you get more quality microfiber for the money with the Cobra Indigo Microfiber Towel.

16Ē x 16Ē

Korean microfiber assembled in China.

6 Pack

Choose the best microfiber towel for any detailing job!

For more information on microfiber, click here.

Cobra Indigo Microfiber Polishing Cloth 6 Pack
Item #COBRA-500-6
Our Price:$39.99
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