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Mat & Carpet Scrub Brush

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A multi-purpose scrub brush for carpets and more!

Any carpet cleaner works better with this brush! Stubborn spots and stains may take more than just a quality cleaner; you might also need a healthy dose of elbow grease. The Mat & Carpet Scrub Brush is a valuable tool for cleaning in your vehicle and your home.

The sturdy handle has finger grips for a slip-free scrub and a solid grip. The large, flat surface at the business end of the bristles allow you to agitate with authority, getting deep into the fibers, and loosening ground in grime. The tapered front end fits into corners; even stains along the edges of seats and floorboards can be attacked with this angle-loving brush.

The Mat & Carpet Scrub Brush has a plastic handle and durable nylon bristles. It’s completely resistant to chemicals and can be used with any cleaner.

For the best results, spray the spot with your cleaner of choice. Let it penetrate for a few seconds. Then agitate the area with the Mat & Carpet Scrub Brush. The brush provides just the boost many cleaners need to really break up some stains. Blot the area with a towel and re-vacuum once it dries.

The Mat & Carpet Scrub Brush isn’t just for carpet. Use it in your car, your boat, your RV and around the house. The possibilities are endless.


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